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The career opportunity for a radio-jockey or programme presenter is increasing day-by-day with the advent of private FM channels, community radio stations and government owned local FM radio stations (LRSs) of All India Radio. The government in its phase-II expansion plan of FM radio has given license to as many as 337 FM radio stations in 91 cities. That means every major city is going to have more than one FM channel in the very near future. Metro cities are already having two or more FM channels.

The Indira Gandhi National Open University is also going to recruit its own announcers/compere for their exclusive radio channel Gyanvani. A radio jockey may earn from Rs. 8000=00 to 15000=00 depending upon the ability and skills and fulfilling the requirement of the employer.

Apart from the regular employment, there are opportunities as casual or part time announcers or compere. The All India Radio is paying Rs. 300 to Rs. 700 per shift/per day to casual announcers/programme presenters. There are career opportunities as a newsreader in All India Radio in ad-hoc capacity or on regular basis.

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