​Next Skills launches DigiTALent; A comprehensive Skilling program aiming at employability for College Graduates

​Hyderabad: Next Skills is a solution platform which brings together best of class products and services to solve key market problems. With the automation and AI impacting the number of jobs on the one hand, the lack of employable skills among graduates is making it difficult for the companies to find the right talent. It’s seen that not more than 10% of the graduates have been employed every year. The lack of skills in coding, analysis, practical orientation, problem solving along with communication and documentation have been major limitations the students face for being employable. Augmenting the academic system that focuses on Knowledge based learning, Next Skills aims at proving the required Skill base to make the student Job Ready.

Next Skills has announced the launch of DigiTALent, that aims to offer a comprehensive technology driven skilling package. DigiTALent uses a digital platform that brings the best of the learning processes together and offers them On-line for the student. The DigiTALent pack includes a branded laptop from leading brands, a popular smartphone and mobile internet connectivity covering the complete engineering graduate education period.

DigiTALent program comes in three formats – 4 year program for the engineering graduates joining in the first year, 3 year program for the 2nd year engineering graduates, MCAs and BSc students, 2 year program for the 3rd year engineering student and MBAs who would want to focus on the IT industry. The content for all the programs remains the identical but for the pace of learning being different for each program. The program covers the breadth of skilling in four core areas. These include Programming skills, Communication skills, Job readiness, aptitude skills and Problem solving and Project skills

To make the most of the growing popularity of digital learning, DigiTALent incorporates licensed content from the leading digital skilling platform TalentSprint and a project pack with mentor assistance from Tooople. DigiTALent thus provides a Vocational Education Re-Engineering Program (VERP) designed for engineering students from year 1 to year 4 of their graduation.

DigiTALent product not only offers the core skilling programs, it also provides the student with access to resources on a wide range of topics on AI, Machine learning, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Web based application development, Mobile app development etc. The program ensures that the student is provided with on-line interaction sessions periodically and enables him to participate in a collective learning process. The Projects module consists of a minor project for a semester followed by a major project for two semester duration. A repository of projects in various domains and technologies at varying degrees of complexity is provided to ensure the problem solving skills are honed in the mentorship of qualified professionals.

Talking about the launch, Mr. N. T. Chowdary, Chairman, Next Skills said “Our objective is to enable access to best in class skills and learning for all graduates using the digital medium. We find that access is limited among engineering graduates, specifically from small towns. Our DigiTALent product will be made available in easy monthly payment option so that every student is able to benefit from this. We estimate that over 5 lakh students will benefit from DigiTALent over the next 5 years. Our primary focus will be on the students from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.”

“Skilling is a long term process and DigiTALent is the First-of-its-kind program that engages a student for over 4 year period and ensures the skills are imparted and make them Job Ready. Unlike other programs we understand the time it takes to acquire skills and hence the long term engagement. Graduating from the DigiTALent program they either get employed because of their well honed skills or become entrepreneurs providing employment because of their passion and ability to innovate”, says Subrahmanyam Yadavalli, co-founder of Next Skills. Sharing his views on the pedagogy and the learning framework offered by the program during the launch he believes that only continued training that is self paced and a program that constantly monitors and challenges the student by raising the bar makes them Job Ready and Innovative.

Committed to the cause of building a skilled and a vibrant nation, Next Skills as a part of DigiTALent program also offers start-up funding to the top 100 ideas brought by the students who would want to start their own companies. The students who receive start up funding shall also be given a 4 week Entrepreneurial program at premier management institutes in India that focuses on business management and Innovation. Keeping in mind the support that needs to be given to the economically weak and deserving students, Next Skills also offers scholarships up to 100% to eligible students.

One of the key challenges repeatedly faced by corporate recruiters is that the theoretical knowledge imparted by colleges is no longer enough for a competitive world. One who does professional projects will go a long way in their job readiness. Mr. Krishna Sistla, founding director of Tooople, said that “Our mentor enabled projects will enable students to get closure on their employability learning and prepare them for the real world of corporate employment. ”