000 college students participated Save Nature – Save Life Walkathon at eliots beach – SRM IST Ramapuram

Chennai: Today, students from SRM Ramapuram campus participated in the awareness “SAVE NATURE – SAVE LIFE” walkathon at Elliots Beach, Besant Nagar, Chennai. The walkathon was flagged off by, Dr. V. Subbiah Bharathi, Director, SRM Group of Institution, Ramapuram.

Nearly 1000 students of Computer science and other department from SRM Rampuram campus participants took part in the noble initiative of ‘ Save Nature – Save Life Walkathon’ throwing light on the existing threats to the nature. The walkathon of 3 km started from Eliots beach and went through Rajaji Bhavan, Annai Vailankanni Shrine, Murugan idli shop and ended at starting point of Eliots beach.

They upheld their theme with the hand-made and eco-friendly placards that covered wide range of issues such as global warming, climatic changes, animal extinctions, depletion of water and natural resources, deforestation and all kinds of improper waste management techniques practiced by humans. The placards charmingly depicted the creativity of the young minds and their zest in changing the minds of the public. Few signs were pictorial while the rest were informative. They were majorly in English and Tamil for the better understanding of the locals.

Apart from this, the students also carried saplings and seedballs throughout the walk to encourage the public to plant more and destroy less. The major color used in the walk was green and the walk has been completely eco-friendly. Catchy slogans were continuously repeated by the students of the rally and created a great impact on the viewers. The main intention of this Walkathon was clearly reflected in their dressing as well. They had specially designed T-shirts and caps associated to the theme. In addition to this, the coronavirus epidemic was also included to create awareness about preventing the spread.

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