1-month Study Plan to Crack CLAT 2020 Entrance Exam

The Common Law Admissions Test [CLAT] is a prestigious entrance exam for entry into law programs in the country. As per the latest notice, the CLAT 2020 exam is scheduled to be conducted on 22nd August 2020.

Therefore, during these extra few weeks, it is crucial to keep revising, take mock tests and practice continuously. To help you shape your CLAT strategy for one month, here are the most important tips to keep in mind in order to crack the CLAT 2020 exam with ease.

How to Prepare for CLAT: Overview of Exam Pattern & Syllabus

The CLAT exam comprises of five sections with a total 150 objective-type questions of 1 mark each. It runs for a total duration of 2 hours. Incorrect answers will have a penalty of 0.25 marks each. Take a brief look over the sections in the following table.

Section No of Questions Weightages [Approx.]
Legal Reasoning 35-39 questions 25%
English Language 28-32 questions 20%
Logical Reasoning 28-32 questions 20%
Current Affairs [Incl. General Knowledge] 35-39 questions 25%
Quantitative Techniques 13-17 questions 10%

How to Prepare for CLAT: CLAT Preparation Tips Week 1

As mentioned above, the five sections in total on the CLAT exam contains around 139-159 questions roughly. With the recent changes in its pattern, unseen passages have been introduced in this section. Here are a few top tips for CLAT that will help you shape up your 1-month CLAT strategy in your first week.


  • Understand the Section Pattern

All sections on the CLAT follow a passage-based approach. Applicants will be given with passages of around 250-450 words based on which questions will follow. For English, the passages will either be fiction or non-fiction on 12th class standard. On all sections, skills of interpretation, critical thinking, problem-solving, etc. are thoroughly tested.


  • Make Notes for the Past Year’s Current Affairs

Events of national importance, sports, defence, economic changes, government schemes, environment, science and technology are only some of the fields which come under current affairs. Refer to monthly Current Affairs modules for each field, make notes so that you can remember and can visit later on while revising in the last week. Moreover, General Knowledge topics of science and social sciences [History, Geography, Indian Constitution, etc.] must also be prepared in the same way.

  • Bolster Quantitative Techniques

There are 13-17 questions in the quantitative section which can be scoring. Emphasize on major topics like profit & loss, percentage, simplification, time & work, speed and distance, probability, average and number system, amongst others. Practice frequently from trust source only.

  • Solve at least 1 Previous Year’s/Sample Paper Every One-Two Days

Attempting previous year’s and sample papers helps evaluate your level of progress as well as improve your time management skills. Further, you get an idea of how to deal with the demanding nature of the exam.

How to Prepare for CLAT: CLAT Preparation Tips Week 2

For Week 2, here are a few tips highly favoured by toppers.

  • Attempt Short Topic-wise Mock Tests

Topic-based tests are a near-sure method to strengthen your grasp over a particular topic belonging to any of the section. Taking such tests will enhance your aptitude as well as time management skills. Further, when analyzing your answers, give a thought to the reasons for your mistakes whether it is calculation, concept or time. This is also one of the vital tips for CLAT.

  • Work on your Reading Skills

Frequently read through the editorials page and opinion section of newspapers and magazines. This not only helps in polishing your reading and understanding abilities but also bolstering your vocabulary. Try to understand the main idea of the passage along with the given arguments, facts and conclusions. Pay attention to the paragraph structure, author’s viewpoints and counter-arguments as well as trigger words like ‘conversely’, ‘on the other hand’, ‘neither..nor’ etc.

  • Focus on Major Legal Issues over the Past Year

Over the past 10-12 months, jot down important amendments in the Constitution, judgements, legal terms, Latin phrases. Furthermore, make notes of landmark judgements over the past few years as well. In short, develop a sound foundational understanding of law along with being aware of major events in the legal realm.

  • Clear Your Reasoning Basics

The Logical Reasoning section can be quite tricky and scoring at the same time. Thoroughly go through the fundamental concepts and answering techniques of common questions on syllogism, puzzles, coding-decoding, statement & conclusion, seating arrangement, family relationships, calendar, etc. Practice both easy and tough questions regularly, familiarize yourself and keep learning new topics.

How to Prepare for CLAT: CLAT Preparation Tips Week 3

In Week 3, you will have to step up your approach. Read through the following tips to know more.

  • Boost your Time Management Skills with Practice

You have less than a minute for each question, so, train yourself to work at break-neck speed. If you are not sure, mark the questions for revision and move on to the next one. Keep 15 minutes in the end for revision. With time and sincere efforts, speed will come. Further, calculation tricks speed up multiplication, division, factorizations, tests of divisibility, etc.

  • Creative Methods to the Rescue

One of the most valuable tips for CLAT prep 3rd week is to use mind maps, diagrams, graphs, flow charts and other memorization techniques to help boost your memory and aid in remembrance and recalling skills.

  • Go Over Essential Topics of All Sections

Read, revise and repeat all the crucial topics of whole five sections, especially Legal Reasoning and Current Affairs as they carry 25% weightage each. If possible, attempt diverse questions, assess your mistakes, take feedback from teachers and cement your hold. This is an extremely effective CLAT strategy.

How to Prepare for CLAT: CLAT Preparation Tips Week 4

This is the penultimate week 4 which can make or break your preparation up until now. Take a look at the following points.

  • Only Focus on Revision

In the last week, devote every inch of your effort and focus on revision exercises and reinforcing whatever you have learnt in the previous weeks. Refer to your notes or revision capsules regularly.

  • Read and Re-read Important Formulae

Revise relevant formulae on the quantitative section as well as on the logical reasoning section thoroughly. If needed, do small exercises to refresh your memory.

  • Do Not Panic

It is natural to be a little stressed out but do not let it overtake your conviction. Do not think of family expectations, peer pressure etc. and concentrate only on your exam.

We believe that the ultimate CLAT strategy is to keep taking mock tests, revise important topics and bolster your time management skills. Besides, you must take a light diet which is accompanied by a lot of fluids. Avoid eating any outside food as well. Focus only on your exam, keep feelings of nervousness at bay and with sincere efforts, you will sail through with flying colours.


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