Writing is definitely something not everyone can do. But what happens when we need to write essays? Writing has always been a part of our lives, specifically when it comes in the form of a compulsory academic assignment that would get us grades. A lot of people tend to even despair showing what they have written to others, be it even their friends due to the main fact that they are not confident enough in their abilities and they tend to undermine themselves and their skills a lot. Essays have always been a part of the journey in every individual’s life and learning to write a good essay is not something everyone learns. People often tend to assume that by plagiarizing an essay or by just writing a long essay they will score the grade they want or at least get an easy pass, but that is not how it works.

Writing an essay takes a lot of work and effort, especially a good essay and if you are someone who dislikes writing, this article is going to help you improve your skills and abilities. A pro tip, you can even try some of the great essay writing services to get your work done. Check out some of these mistakes you need to avoid :- 

Introductions tend to be extremely long and often deviating from the topic in hand.

Introductions are paragraphs that should be introducing the reader to the topic in hand, giving them an insight to how the essay is going to play out, and what exactly is going to be said in the essay. It helps the reader anticipate, and the fact remains that an introduction can definitely make or break your essay. If the introduction to your essay is boring and mundane, it has already lost the attention of the reader, but if your essay is interesting and manages to hold the attention of the reader, understand that you have reeled in your reader to read the rest of your essay properly.

Explanations lack the facts or the validity of points.

Now, the next thing in your essay after the introduction is the body of your essay. The body is where you make your points, express the purpose of your essay in more detail, and explain your topic in detail, and the facts, as well as the validity of your facts for the topic. A lot of people tend to even deviate here, and never even come to the point of the whole essay, or there are a lot of people who do not even make sense in their essays, and the validity of their claims in the essay did not make sense.

A lot of people tend to use too many words in order to lengthen their essay.

Using too many words when you could have just said what you meant in two lines, but you extended the whole content of the sentence and ended up using five lines stating the same thing does not make a good essay. Just because you did manage to increase the word count of your essay and made it look longer, it does not make your essay look better or just make it seem like it was a great essay. Make concise and valid points.

Understand what homophones are well.

Homophones are words that sound similar but are spelt differently and even have different meanings. People often tend to get extremely confused when it comes to homophones, especially words like ‘their’ and ‘there’ and no doubt they are confusing, but by regular practice it will come easy to you.

The whole essay was written in passive voice.

This is one of the most common mistakes a lot of people make while writing an essay. People tend to use passive voice while writing their essays instead of using active voice while writing their essays. And this is because when you write an essay in active voice you tend to be more direct and the whole essay tends to come off as a stronger approach which helps in the subject of the essay coming off stronger to the reader.

You forgot to write the conclusion, or your conclusion is not even a conclusion.

A lot of people commit this mistake when it comes to writing an essay. The basic outline of every essay tends to be the introduction, the body or the hypothesis and then the conclusion. Now, it starts with the introduction stating what the topic is and introducing the whole topic of the essay, basically the subject of the essay to the readers. Now the writer states his/her points backing it up with facts in the body of the essay and basically stating his/her hypothesis of the essay which is followed by the conclusion. Now, as you might have guessed, the conclusion is the ending of the essay, the part where you conclude the topic, you are supposed to rope in the loose strings here and tie all of them together and finish it off as a complete stitch. A lot of people do not do this and just write a few sentences in favor of the topic and finish it off.

Repeating the same words, again and again, or stating the same idea over and over again.

Understanding that by continuously repeating the same words, over and over again does not really help your case or help you prove a point. It just looks like the advertisement you keep seeing on Television or the same joke you have heard a thousand times. It is annoying, and it is irritating. Reading the same word ten times in an essay where it has no reason to be there feels the same way. It is boring, not needed and just spoils your essay.

The correct usage of apostrophes in your essay.

Now, these words may sound scary but they are not as difficult to understand as they should be. While we can blame apostrophes on homophones (that is, similar sounding words with different meanings), we should have a clear understanding on what each word means and is meant for. This can be only solved if you are well versed with the grammar of the language.

Using words that do not even make sense in the sentence, aka misused words.

Many people assume that trying to convey the right idea with the help of the right word is extremely easy. That is not true at all and using the word that actually suits the subject and meaning of the sentence is tough, and a lot of people tend to use the wrong word or end up using a whole new word itself in a sentence where there is no need for the word to even be there.

Using the right punctuations and sentence structures.

This is such an understated point where people often overlook the punctuations and the sentence structures and do not even realize that they end up changing the whole meaning and subject of the sentence with the lack of the right punctuations and the presence of the sentence structures.

These are a few important and vital points that will not only improve the way you write your essay but will also help you understand your mistakes and gain a better understanding on how to avoid them, and thus, improve the way you write your essays.


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