10,000+ kids to compete in SmartKid’s first-ever Hackathon staged in the Metaverse


Bengaluru : SmartKid, an initiative by BrightCHAMPS, will host its first-ever Metaverse-based global hackathon for kids coders from 6-16 years. From 15th July to 17th July, 10,000+ kids from 35 countries will compete in Smartverse (the hackathon’s amusement park-themed competition arena housed in the Metaverse) to solve real-world problems inspired by The Millennium Projects such as global warming, designing smart cities, and solving cyber crimes. The kids will design a project, game, mobile application, or website for the problem statements they choose to compete in. The run-up to the Grand Finale has also seen 7 guest lectures from STEM experts, activity sessions for practice and prep, and coding fundamental masterclasses for kids who are new to coding.

They will be able to choose from among 10 avatars when they enter the SmartVerse arena, and interact with fellow participants in their vicinity through the hackathon’s audio, video, and chat features. The participating kids will also have the opportunity to learn from each other through cultural exchanges within a healthy competitive environment within the Smartverse.

The solutions they design will be evaluated on criteria such as the storyline, designing of the solution, scalability, design-thinking, innovative use of the platform they choose, and complexity of codes. Kids will be competing for the Coding Yoda (junior), Coding Jedi (intermediate), Coding Sensei (senior) titles for their submissions that will be evaluated by an esteemed jury of experts from diverse fields such as Rajesh Yabaji, CEO, BlackBuck, Bhagaban Behera, CEO, Defy, Swati Chugh, Founder, 7th Heaven, Pankaj Verma, CTO, STEMpedia, Robotics expert Paraj Gulhane, children’s author Rajni Arunkumar, and Ravi Bhushan, CEO, BrightCHAMPS.

SmartKid is an attempt to combine fun and play with classroom-like environments without geographical biases, one of the biggest leaps in educational technology in recent times. It is a first-of-its-kind global competition platform for kids from different countries to contest for international tech titles in coding, design-thinking, AI, robotics, and more.

Upcoming months will see an array of competitions within the Smartverse, including Finance Olympiads, Toastmasters, Cultural quizzes, and Robotics championships. SmartKid, as a platform, has been designed for kids around the world to get global exposure and competition experience.

For more details, visit https://smartkid.club/ & https://smartkid.club/hackathon