11 Services to Improve Your Learning Process

Remote learning can be a real challenge for students of any age. The productivity culture pressures everyone to be the top of their class, have time for extracurriculars and social life. But in reality, it’s not easy. In many cases, you have to figure out your unique self-help routine that would improve your studying process. That often includes looking for services that can improve and ease your study experience.

Always keep in mind that you are not alone in your pursuit to improve your learning. Here is the list of the best services that can be helpful for you throughout your college years and beyond. You can always add more platforms to your favorites folder, but this list contains essentials every student should know.


College is much about teaching us critical thinking. Writing papers plays a big role in developing your analytical skills. It is fair to say that the more you write, the better you become as you train your ability to evaluate all perspectives and make competent conclusions.


Studyfy provides you with the best collection of essay samples and professional assistance in academic writing. You can always reach top-notch specialists for advice and tutoring. They also have proofreading and editing services. Moreover, the platform has a free blog with writing guides, literature study guides, and a lot more helpful information. It basically has everything a student might need.

TED Talks

Every once in a while, you have to deal with creative writing, and it is easy to face a writer’s block. How do you find a topic that is good enough? What sources should you look into? A proven method of finding the best ideas out there is visiting the TED Talks platform. It has thousands of talks on various topics with subtitles in 100+ languages and convenient captions.


You can also explore other projects by TED. All the content is free to listen to and use with proper credit. The mission of TED Ed is to share knowledge and encourage people to strive for discoveries. It is one of the best places to find inspiration for your research. 



Sometimes the amount of writing can be overwhelming. You may feel burned out writing endless reports and case studies, and there’s no time to take a break. Here’s how you can improve your experience and avoid getting trapped in lack of motivation and exhaustion.


PaperWriter is a great example of a service that helps you to improve your essay writing skills. You can count on professional paper writer assistance, especially when you are pressed with deadlines and countless tasks. Apart from ordering a custom paper from a professional, you can also find a free blog with high-quality guides and articles that can significantly improve your understanding of academic writing.


The essential part of being a student is to manage everything in time and keep up with your assignments. Without a clear plan, all your academic progress can fail under the pressure of deadlines. Therefore, you have to have a detailed schedule and there are plenty of apps that are designed for that.


Todoist is an app where you can manage all your tasks and collaborate with your peers. It is one of the best apps to increase your productivity and visualize your progress. You can also connect it with other devices to always stay on top of your schedule.

Audible Amazon

This service would be a perfect solution for students who struggle with writing something down or trying to memorize materials visually. Some people perceive information better when they hear it. Therefore, a platform that has an abundant collection of audiobooks and other extras will definitely ease your studying experience.


Audible by Amazon is a perfect choice for someone who wants to listen to books instead of reading them. You can always sign up for the free trial and opt out when it’s convenient for you.


You may see YouTube as a platform to relax and distract yourself from constant learning. However, if you are better with the audio and visual perception of information, you may access a variety of high-quality video essays, lectures, and study materials on YouTube for free.


Free doesn’t mean bad, in this case. Surely, it is important to sort and filter the content you review. Still, YouTube is a decent platform for academic content creators, both beginners and professionals. Many creators can provide you with additional literature and references that you can use in your studies.



This is another app for increasing your productivity and self-organization. Any.do has a user-friendly interface and a convenient way to remind you about all things you have to finish. It uses hashtags to ease your navigation and experience of using the app.


You can always try different apps but so far Any.do has proven to be one of the leading applications for students. Although many people focus on the fact that it is a to-do list app, it is more than planning. With Any.do, you can track your progress and set realistic goals. 


If you have problems concentrating on the task, you need to find an alternative method to approach it. It is hard to focus and avoid multitasking for many students. As soon as you manage your schedule and to-do list, develop a routine that would be as effective as possible. 


The Pomodoro method implies that you set a timer to work for 25 minutes and have a set time for a break. This significantly increases your ability to focus on one task and work on its completion. 


If you want to transform your learning progress into a light experience, you should try Quizlet. The platform is designed to help you with memorizing the concepts in major GCSE subjects. It is a perfect choice if you want to quickly get acquainted with previously unknown areas and you want to start with essentials.


The service has 10,000 ready-made study sets, easy and convenient to work with. The platform is completely free for anyone.

Cold Turkey

One of the main challenges of any student and adult is a distraction. Our smartphones are both a blessing and a curse when it comes to efficient working. Cold Turkey Blocker is designed to filter websites and block them during your study hours. 


You can easily schedule the period when the website should be blocked. It applies to specific websites or an entire computer (if you adjust settings correctly). It is a tough but working method to avoid distractions. 


Proper referencing is one of the most important aspects of academic writing and research. If you want to achieve success and avoid unpleasant consequences of plagiarism, you can use EasyBib and save your time. EasyBib is the best citation machine and bibliography generator that provides you with precise and correct citations. 


You can use it as a guest or create an account to save citations for later. It includes MLA for free, while APA, Chicago, and Turabian come for a small fee.