12000 underprivileged children in Mumbai and Hyderabad get breakfast every day before school: An initiative by Akshaya Chaitanya


Mumbai : Mumbai-based NGO, Akshaya Chaitanya’s breakfast meal programme also known as ‘Bal Shiksha Ahara’ is focused on distributing hot, nutritious, and fresh food to poor, needy, and hungry children across pockets of poverty in India. It has daily nutritious meal coverage of more than 12,000 hungry and underprivileged children in Hyderabad and Mumbai.

Akshaya Chaitanya is an initiative in Mumbai with the objective of eradicating hunger in a sustainable and scalable way. It is an initiative of the HKM Charitable Foundation striving to provide food relief to marginalized sections of society in the city of Mumbai.

The metabolism of a body is boosted by breakfast, and it gives the body the energy it needs to accomplish goals and enhances concentration at work or school. These are just a few justifications for why breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day.

“As an NGO in Mumbai, our endeavor is to make food accessible to the needy across Mumbai & Hyderabad by serving them hot, nutritious, locally palatable meals prepared at our very own state-of-the-art FSSAI compliant kitchen. And by doing so, we want to enable people to explore the unlimited opportunities around them, an aspect that gets muted when the stomach screams for food. Additionally, this initiative needs to be expanded to all municipal schools in Hyderabad and Mumbai”, says Vikas Parchhanda, CEO of Akshaya Chaitanya.

According to the NGO, this breakfast initiative plays a significant “Social Welfare role”; Food is a basic right of every individual and should be delivered in an orderly, respectable, equal, and cordial fashion. The Nutritious Meals and Free Food Program routine closely adheres to a set of protocols in order to achieve this. The fully automated community kitchen that prepares these breakfast meals, is well maintained and sanitized. The hygiene protocols and quality checks across the supply and distribution chain are up to the mark.

A rotational breakfast menu includes ragi idli sambar, sevaya, banana sheera, upma, masala bhat and poha. Kids enjoy all of these and the smiles left on their faces before they go to school, is something extraordinary.