130 Students were placed by Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology During Lockdown While It Simultaneously Fought Against COVID-19

· PIET places 130 students through Online placement despite nationwide lockdown

· PIET provides technical consultancy in winning DRDO license to develop 20,000 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kits per day

· PIET students develop an app to detect and track COVID-19 infection

· The Institute designed & installed a Sanitizing Tunnel & offers its robot named “Ruby” to the hospitals

Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology ( PIET), Panipat, Haryana based leading destination for students pursuing Engineering and Technology and one of the best engineering colleges in Delhi NCR has raised the bar in not only continuing education & classes and ensuring placements during the COVID-19 pandemic, but has also contributed effectively in the fight against Coronavirus.

Despite the nationwide lockdown, PIET enabled placements for its 130 students through the efforts of the placement co-ordination team and the robust processes, systems and due to brand recall already built by the institute. The success is not limited to just lockdown period. In fact, pre-lockdown more than 100 companies had already visited PIET for campus placement during the 2019-20 session and more than 500 students got offers. One of the PIET students got a package of 28 lacs per annum in a Fortune 500 multinational company, thus PIET lived up to its reputation as one the best placement college in Delhi NCR.

The readiness is not limited to online placements, this one of few NBA accredited colleges in India and its students were ready for online classes even before nationwide lockdown, even before online education became a norm.

Continuing Education through Education 4.0 – PIET adopted a remarkable academic narrative called “Education 4.0” during COVID-19 implementing online classes and seminars. PIET seamlessly transited from an offline mode to a virtual delivery mechanism within a few hours while the nation was moving into the very first phase of lockdown. Education 4.0 comprises of a few key aspects like Blended Learning, Differential Learning and other innovative modes of learning and discussions.

Blended Learning provides the flexibility to both the student as well as facilitators to dip into various online platforms, tools and engage in a constructive learning methodology. Differential Learning entails the process through which the students are identified as per their interest and capability and the concepts are explained to him as per their needs.

The Automated Video Capture facility assists the students to refer to the delivered sessions at any time as per the student’s needs. The Virtual Learning and Training process has ensured that interested students as well as teachers participate in a series of webinars, faculty development programs and online learning modules run by institutions like AICTE, MHRD and the Government of India.

Tech-driven contribution to fight against COVID-19 – While ensuring continuous education and placements, PIET is also playing an active and effective role in empowering people in the fight against COVID-19. A team of 3 students from PIET’s IT department developed a web app called COVID-19 self-assessment test and tracker, to detect COVID-19.

This app provides the user with a self-assessment test and includes a symptoms checker functionality and suggests appropriate responses. It gives results in the form of a percentage, on the chance of having COVID-19 infection. This not only adds to the fight against Coronavirus, it also testimony to PIET being one of the top artificial intelligence colleges in India.

Speaking on the initiatives to combat COVID-19, Mr. Rakesh Tayal, Vice Chairman, Panipat Institute of Engineering & Technology said “Given the current scenario we all are in, all the tools should be used. The fight against COVID-19 is tough but we believe that every problem has a solution. Hence, it is imperative for all of us to come together and make our respective contributions towards that solution. PIET passionately believes that the nation comes first and that is why, has taken multiple steps to help the society. The innovative ideas have been put to its best use and we are proud that our student came up with an app which allows everyone with a mobile phone to access necessary information for COVID-19 symptoms. We have also done our bit not to let the education and career of students suffer because of this pandemic. I would urge everyone else to keep safe and not let either the hope or the efforts down.”

As part of tech enabled fight against Coronavirus, PIET which is also one of leading textile engineering colleges in India has provided technical support in helping Mahadev Exports (a leading export house of Panipat) win the DRDO license for PPE Manufacturing. Mahadev Exports is now manufacturing 20,000 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kits per day.

PIET has also designed & installed a Sanitizing Tunnel in Premises and offers its robot named “Ruby” to the hospitals in Panipat that can be used to serve medicines and food to the COVID-19 patients and controllers can control this user-friendly robot from up to 100 meters of distance reducing human interaction and helping medical staff to minimize contact.

As one of the top B.Tech and MBA colleges in Haryana and India, PIET was ready before Coronavirus hit and is prepared now to ensure bright future of its students.