Aligarh Muslim University: Panel discussion on Union Budget

Aligarh: A group of panellists gathered online to ponder over various aspects of the Union Budget 2021 and delineated its impact on national economy and public purse. The online panel discussion was organized by the Department of Commerce, Aligarh Muslim University.

Chartered Accountant, Sanket Garg discussed at length the changes in policies towards direct and indirect taxes referred to in the budget and the opportunities emanating from it. He identified key sectors for students to get involved in and encouraged them to go for entrepreneurial ventures.

Ms Shabina Fatima explained the changes in union budget to boost the economy and relaxations in the Foreign Direct Investment limits. She also highlighted the women issues concerning Union Budget 2021.

Professor Mohd Shamim discussed the fundamentals of the government budget and highlighted the statistical achievements while explaining budget estimates.

Earlier, Professor Nawab Ali Khan (Chairman, Department of Commerce) welcomed the panellists and participants and stressed the need for deliberations on the changes brought in by the union budget.

Professor Imran Saleem (Dean, Faculty of Commerce) highlighted key features of Union Budget 2021.

Dr Mohd Nayyer Rahman (Coordinator, Panel Discussion) proposed the vote of thanks. More than 200 participants attended the discussion which was also webcast on Youtube.