16 year old school girl starts a petition for change

New Delhi: We are in a unique historical moment; we understand the dangers of climate change and, for now, still have the resources and political space necessary to address it. But every second of delay makes the challenge more expensive, more difficult, and more dangerous. Understanding this situation clear and that we need to act fast for a better life, not only for ourselves but for our future generations to come, Shazia Azmat Karim, 16 years old, currently in class XI at Delhi Public School, Mathura Road, who want to do more than just gain a degree from school has started a petition ‘What we save, saves us’ http://chng.it/YGp6Y2KT. A petition, for change and how small steps can make a huge difference.

It’s not just climate activists saying that. The policy community is moving in that direction as well, with similar arguments coming into clearer view from economists and political scientists. The common theme is risk, and what it means to take the mounting risks of the climate crisis seriously.

She had written a petition about 2 months ago complaining about the environment and suggesting issues on how small steps taken by the citizens and the government can curb those issues. Over 3000 people have joined her on that Petition but it didn’t seem enough. So she had addressed that petition to the chief minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal among others.

Taking recognition of her work Chief Minister Arvind kejriwal thanked her for her overwhelming response to their public consultation for #FightingPollutionTogether. He even acknowledged that his team has been going through all her petitions, and is taking her ideas up for further consideration. He further added that we are determined to build a cleaner and safer Delhi, and having her suggestions truly helps them do this, together.

Arvind kejriwal assured her that some of the ideas she has put forth are already being implemented or will be rolled out in the near future.

A deeply concerned student about what is happening to our environment both to the Mother Nature and our surroundings. She is aware that she may not be able to move mountains at this point but believes that small basic steps to help, from her end can be of some attention rather than sitting idle and doing nothing. We are truly the last generation that can postpone or stop this disaster. Still in school so she talks about both the school related issues and home; and is sure if she can make certain small changes then others can as well. She even runs a blog at www.hopeforalllife.com where she talks about issues related to community where her major concern is, the neglect towards the person with disabilities and their families.