18 SAI International Students Secure their Seats in IITs by scoring above 90 percentiles in the 1st session of results of JEE Main Saatwik Patnaik from SAI International School top scored with 99.97 percentile

New Delhi: SAI International, Bhubaneswar again set a record with 18 of its students scoring above 90 percentile from SAI International School (SIS) and from the maiden batch of SAI International Residential School (SIRS). With Saatwik Patnaik scoring 99.97 percentile keeping 99.96, 99.96 and 99.901 percentile in Physics, Chemistry and Maths respectively in the 1st session of results of JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) Main 2022 declared by NTA (National Testing Agency) is the top scorer of the School, Atish Kumar Sahoo scored 99.84 percentile keeping 99.8119863, 98.812871 and 99.8772472 percentile in Physics, Chemistry and Maths respectively.

While Avipsa Swain scored 99.8 percentile keeping 95.5814975, 99.6924622 and a perfect 100.0000000 percentile in Physics, Chemistry and Maths respectively. The 16 top scorer in JEE Main, Ankan Mohapatra with 99.74 percentile, Veda Raju 99.7 percentile, Dipanshu Panda 99.62 percentile, SAI Satyam Pal with 99.06 percentile, Jyotirmoy Patra with 99.55 percentile, Nilesh Samal with 98.54 percentile, Swaraj Mishra scored 98.07 percentile, Soham Pal 97.94 Mrudul Mayank Mohanty 96.74 percentile, Sandhya Priyadarshini Pattanaik with 95.71 percentile, Ayush Ranjan Panda with 94.16 percentile, Swayam Prakash Malik with 95.71 and Rajdeep Mohanty with 90.78 percentile from SIS.

From SAI International Residential School (SIRS) Manvi Agarwal scored 98.67 percentile keeping 99.3275801, 97.5396247 and 97.3335606 in Physics, Chemistry and Maths respectively. Riyom Roy secured 95.4 with 91.2550305, 92.8119707 and 97.9986637 in Physics Chemistry and Maths. The top Scorers will surely get through the IITs, their dream college for engineering.

The ranks will be out after session 2 results are declared by NTA for JEE Main 2022.

Speaking on the achievement of the students Dr.Silpi Sahoo, Chairperson, SAI International Education Group said, ”It gives me immense pleasure that my SAIoneers are scaling new heights and securing top positions. Despite the pandemic our students have given their best and have secured their seats in the IITs. We are waiting for the 2nd session results when we will get to know about the rest of the students. All the best to my SAIoneers”