19-year-old student from K J Somaiya College of Engineering creates a web app during lockdown

Mumbai: This lockdown when people were restricted to the house, and
missing the sounds of the bustling city, 19 year old Khushil Shah, student of K J Somaiya College of Engineering creates, ‘Musical Drive’, a web app, that simulates the first-person view of a driver in a car. The app recreates the bustle of the city street sounds and radio stations on your phone.The web app features 22 Indian cities, from the wide streets of Dehli to an evening on the Mumbai Sealink, passing by familiar landmarks of each city.

After, his exams were cancelled due to the lockdown, Khushil was left with free time, that prompted him to work on an app. However it was his father who came up with the idea.

Just within a week he and his brother Hitansh built the app. Musical Drive, opens on a web browser, uses drive-around YouTube videos and enlarges them to fit the screen. The video source link for each city is embedded at the bottom of the
screen. The app already received a positive response reaching over ## views within the first week of being launched.

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