1OAK Donates 100 PPE Kits to Medanta Hospital, Lucknow to Help Fight COVID-19

Lucknow: International real estate firm, 1OAK recently donated 100 PPE kits to Medanta Hospital in Lucknow to help its medical professionals in the fight against COVID-19. As the second wave of COVID-19 strengthens its grip in India, it is efforts like these that are making a significant impact on the way businesses are coming forward to help tackle the unprecedented challenge the country is facing at the moment.


Speaking of the initiative, Mr. Sandeep Katiyar, CEO of 1OAK said “In the war against COVID-19, our healthcare professionals are nothing less than our soldiers. They are constantly fighting for our health and freedom. Frontline healthcare workers which consist of – doctors, nurses, community health workers, midwives and ward boys all play a crucial part in the ongoing fight against the pandemic. Patient safety and healthcare worker safety are inseparable, and our ability to successfully fight off the coronavirus pandemic depends on how well we safeguard our healthcare workers. As a real estate firm that emphasizes healthy, eco-friendly and sustainable living, we feel it’s our responsibility to come forward in such tough times and lend our support to the frontline healthcare workers in every way possible.”


Amid these uncertain times, several businesses along with celebrities are coming forward to extend their support to help people survive through the crisis. It is these efforts that can go a long way in not only beating the virus but also tackle its profound consequences.


Appreciating the efforts by 1OAK, Mr Alok Khanna, Head – Sales & Marketing, Medanta Hospital, Lucknow said “Healthcare workers are working day and night tirelessly to save the lives of those affected with COVID-19. Frontline healthcare workers are at maximum risk and the only way to ensure their safety is through the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits. The government is certainly playing its part by delivering PPE kits to various hospitals around the city, but with the rise in the daily number of cases, there is a huge demand for PPE kits. We really appreciate this initiative undertaken by 1OAK and will greatly help in our fight against COVID-19.”


Adding to this, Mr Saurabh Gupta, VP Operations at Medanta Hospital, Lucknow said, “We really appreciate this initiative by 1 OAK that they thought about the safety of the healthcare workers. If we as a community join hands together just like this and follow all the COVID guidelines, we will soon be able to win this war”


Gaining from its rich experience of real estate development across international cities like London, Singapore, Bangkok, and other places across Thailand, 1OAK launched its flagship project “ATMOS” alongside the Gomti River in One World Township, Lucknow. The real estate firm is also set to launch its next project “NATURA” in the same city which is expected to offer extraordinary living experiences to the residents with the perfect combination of a healthy environment, secure living, facilities and modern infrastructure.