1st year students of the direction “Aquatic Bioresources and Aquaculture” finished their educational practice

The 1st year students of the direction “Aquatic Bioresources and Aquaculture” finished their educational practice, during which they got acquainted with the main directions of aquaculture.
The fishery complex of the Republic of Karelia is represented by different types of enterprises and allows you to study practically all areas of industrial aquaculture during practice. And the appearance in the structure of PetrSU of the Research Center for Aquaculture and the launch of the RAS for fish farming has significantly expanded the number of facilities where it is possible to conduct practical training for students-fish farmers.

During 2 weeks of practice I managed to learn a lot. Under the guidance of associate professors M.E. Huobonen and A.Yu. Volkova conducted trips to the cage lines of LLC “Pomor” on the lake. Svyatozero. As a result of this trip, the students took water samples, participated in trout feeding, studied the arrangement of cages, got acquainted with the peculiarities of the technology of growing trout stocking material.

Anna Yurievna Volkova noted:

The trip to the Kedrozersky fish hatchery turned out to be very productive, since in addition to acquaintance with the complex structure of this enterprise and the peculiarities of the technological process of incubation and raising trout fry, the children managed to participate in the ichthyopathological assessment of fish, and our graduate O.A. Zvereva, an ichthyopathologist of this enterprise, conducted a master class on the study of the health status of juvenile trout.

Thanks to the presence of the RAS at our university, we managed to participate in the sorting of fish. The catfish in our pools have already grown, so the guys, together with the RAS staff, sorted by weight and calculated the feeding rate for the coming decade, i.e. took an active part in the production process. And, of course, we got acquainted with the peculiarities of the RAS device, the technology of feeding and raising fish in the pools, mastered the methods of hydrochemical analysis of water from fishery reservoirs and RAS.

It so happened that during the practice, a new batch of fish arrived at our RAS, this time two species of sturgeon, tilapia, koi and grass carp settled in our place. Therefore, we managed to get acquainted with new objects and even take part in the first experimental works on the linear-weight assessment of sturgeon, as a result of which a comparative analysis of the morphometric parameters of two groups of sturgeon was carried out.

We hope that the experience gained by the guys during this time will help to form their interest in their chosen profession and will help to increase their interest in scientific research.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to our graduates, now – heads of fish-breeding enterprises Sergey Pylz and Ivan Klevin for interesting excursions and the opportunity to conduct educational practice on the basis of their enterprises.


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