Why Now Is The Best Time To Self-Publish

Most of us have thought about writing a book at some point in our lives. Creativity is a spontaneous thing, and often random stories seem to pop into our heads that we wish we could put into words. Unfortunately, writing a book isn’t as easy as it sounds, and many are quickly discouraged from doing it once they realize that. Whether what’s swirling in your head is an epic fantasy novel or nonfiction about how to deal with things based on your previous experiences, here’s why now is the perfect time to put in the work and self-publish.

Helpful Writing Tools

While writing a book might be a lot of hard work, we’re lucky enough to live in the digital age. There are hundreds if not thousands of helpful tools and information we can find online that can help us craft the perfect bestseller. You can find detailed guides to help keep your writing organize, keep track of the story and characters, set the tone for the book, and even help you with how you pace the events.

If writing is not your forte, you can turn to tools that help with grammar and the structure of sentences. You can find a lot of free options when it comes to these tools, but if you decide to invest a little extra, you can end up getting software that practically proofreads, edits, and even gives you feedback on your writing.

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Thanks to this, books in the gambling niche are skyrocketing in sales right now. From simple guides on how to play poker to murder mysteries set in the world of gambling, these books are selling like hotcakes. With that in mind, it’s easy to see that there’s a niche for everything out there. Whether you’re writing a historical romance novel or nonfiction about the gaming industry, there’s an audience just waiting to get their hands on what you release.

Self-Publishing Platforms

One of the best things about writing a book today is having the option to self-publish online through many of the great self-publishing platforms that are available online. Whether you want to sell your product in eBook format or want the option to put it out there as a classic paperback, platforms like KDP, Draft2Digital and many others can help make your dream a reality.

These platforms will publish your book and take a percentage of every sale as part of production and distribution costs, the rest goes to you. So, no time for hesitation, get to writing and show the world your next masterpiece.


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