200 people became graduates of the Institute of Forestry, Mining and Construction Sciences

The institute hosted a graduation ceremony for higher education. Graduated 200 specialists (mining engineers, bachelors and masters) in the following areas of training: “Landscape architecture”; “Forestry”; “Technology of logging and wood processing industries”; “Technological machines and equipment”, “Operation of transport and technological machines and complexes”, “Construction” (“Industrial and civil construction”, “Highways”); “Geology”, “Mining”, “Pedagogical education (with two training profiles). Geography and Economics”.

Irina Viktorovna Shchekoldina, Associate Professor of the Department of Earth Sciences and Geotechnology, said:

Our graduates are unique, different, like flowers in a meadow: they have blossomed and feel quite confident. They are very interesting personalities! Everyone has behind their backs not only studies, but also creative and interesting achievements: someone is immersed in science, someone works with children, someone dances or creates websites, etc. We let them go with a light heart, because we are confident in them, in their knowledge and abilities. If they use their potential, they will achieve everything they dream of. I wish all of them to expand the noosphere, the noospheric consciousness (this is the kind of human consciousness that relies on the noosphere-oriented synthesis of sciences – goospherism, on noospheric spirituality, morality and ethics, bears responsibility for all life on Earth, the preservation of the biosphere as the “House of Humanity” on Earth – ed.)!

Graduates Irina Ginko, Elizaveta Tuomi, Nadezhda Tolstogorova shared their impressions:

It was difficult to study, but interesting. We are happy that we spent our student years at PetrSU. Thanks to our teachers and parents for their support. Further – more: new perspectives and opportunities!

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