2021 ADW-PAL Call for Nominations announcement

Cornell faculty members have until Monday, Dec. 6, to submit nominations of distinguished scholars in the areas of humanities and physical sciences for the A.D. White Professors-at-Large Program. The program particularly encourages the nomination of women and minority candidates.

A.D. White Professors-at-Large are appointed to six-year terms as nonresident visiting professors at Cornell.

During their tenure, A.D. White Professors-at-Large complete two to three 5-to-7-day visits to campus interacting with faculty, students, and members of the community through public lectures, informal meetings, and various other events. These interactions are the hallmark of the program and serve to foster engaged conversations and meaningful experiences among all audiences.

This fall, the program welcomed two new members of the cohort, bringing to 21 the total number of active A.D. White Professors-at-Large.

Pre-proposals are due on or before Dec. 6; consult the program’s website for instructions on how to submit nominations.

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