2022 Kalinga Literary Festival (KLF) Book Awards open for nominations

Award will be given 10 categories, total 30 Kalinga Literary Festival (KLF) Book Awards Kalinga Literary Festival introduces book awards in 11 regional languages from this year

New Delhi: 2022 Kalinga Literary Festival (KLF) Book Awards open for nominations . Kalinga Literary Festival institutes Kalinga Literary Festival (KLF) Book Awards in 2020 to recognize brilliant literary work at different levels.   Kalinga Literary Festival (KLF) Book Awards have been instituted to recognize and celebrate prolific and inspiring writers, poets.  An international jury has been instituted to nominate and finalize these awardees.  The awardees will be chosen keeping in mind their contribution to their specific language and genre, as well as the contemporary appeal and relevance of their work. From this year Kalinga Literary Festival introduces book awards in 11 regional languages. These 11 regional languages are Odia, Telegu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Nepali, Bengali, Assamese, Gujrati, Maithili.

Kalinga Literary Festival Founder and President Mr. Rashmi Ranjan Parida highlighted the need to focus on literature especially on history, Indic Literature, music, dance, and spiritual literature. He expressed happiness on the huge positive response that the last seven editions of Kalinga Literary Festival has received from audiences across India and the world.

Kalinga Literary Festival (KLF) Book Awards , established by Kalinga Literary Festival in 2020 has been a novel way to acknowledge and honour, recognise and encourage literary talent across genres, for both established and new writers. . The objective has been to build future literary legends.

Kalinga Literary Festival will confer this prestigious KLF Book Awards for Fiction, Non- Fiction , Business, children, poetry and other books published during the year. The Awards Ceremony will be held every year during the annual Kalinga Literary Festival in Bhubaneswar.

Books must have been published in the calendar years 2021 or 2022. Submissions in each category are assessed by an independent jury based on overall content, quality of design and production. Publishers and writers can send their nominations in this email id: curator@kalingaliteraryfestival.com and director@kalingaliteraryfestival.com

The award consists of a prize, a trophy and a specially designed citation for display on the award-winning books.

The shortlist titles in each category will be released in early October. The winners will be announced by October end 2022.


Category of KLF Book Awards for 2022:

KLF Fiction Book Award- 3 Awards

KLF Non- Fiction Book Award – 3 Awards

KLF Poetry Book Award- 3

KLF Women/Dalit/Tribal Literature Book Award – 2

KLF Children Book Award- 2

KLF Business Book Award-– 2

KLF Translation Book Award -2

KLF Debut Book Award -1

KLF Lifestyle & Emerging Trend Book Award – 1

KLF Bhasa Book Award: Odia, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Nepali, Bengali, Assamese, Gujrati, Maithili (One book for each language)

Special Citation – (Selected by KLF team)

How these Awards are different and unique:

Excellence in literature fields is required to be acknowledged and duly awarded so as to encourage great literary tradition and good work in the future. Many institutions in India have set up several awards but KLF has changed the Literary landscape by forming different layers of selection and a high profile selection committee to choose the best performers in their chosen fields.

Kalinga Literary Festival considers those people and their literary works who have made seminal contributions to their chosen fields and have impacted the society at large through literature. Along with the senior category the addition of the Youth  Award is two fold; one is to recognize and promote the inspired youths and the second is to connect them to the legends of their fields so as to inspire them to become future literature legends.

For the last eight years Kalinga Literary Festival has set a national benchmark in literary festivals. The sixth Kalinga Literary Festival is here. Every year more than 400 celebrities from the worlds of literature, cinema, media and politics assemble in the temple city of Odisha to join the Kalinga Literature Festival.

Kalinga Literary Festival (KLF) has emerged as one of the leading literary platforms in India, attracting both experienced and young litterateurs. Bigger than ever before, the eight edition of the festival will bring nationally and internationally acclaimed names on one platform to discuss, debate and explore commonalities in the diverse voices in literature, justice, equality, equity and humanity.

About  Kalinga Literary Festival

Kalinga Literary Festival is one of the oldest and largest national festivals held in Eastern Part of India in Bhubaneswar of Odisha. Kalinga Literary Festival has two popular sister festivals: Mystic Kalinga Festival (KLF)  and Kandhamal Literary Festival.


Annual Kalinga Literary Festival,  Mystic Kalinga Festival (KLF)    celebrates the creative spirit of India and commemorates the literary diversity it offers, bringing it in conversation with the best minds in the world of literature within and outside of Odisha and India. Academics, authors, political and social activists, law makers, government officials, corporate leaders, students and people from all walks of life immerse in the vibrant atmosphere of the festival and exchange opinions on their favourite authors and works.

Mystic Kalinga Festival has emerged as an Annual Flagship event in the cultural calendar of India and our focus is to rekindle the romance with literature and foster reading and writing habits, especially among the youth. It offers a national platform with a global appeal and bridges the gap between literature in English and other Indian regional languages.   


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