21 CC Education teams up with NSDC to build a future-ready workforce in India

Mumbai: 21CC Education, a first of its kind e-learning and skilling platform, announced today its partnership with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) to provide skill-based education specifically for the logistics and transportation industry. The partnership is pioneering in its effort to present an opportunity for thousands of users present on the NSDC’s eSkillIndia portal and in its skilling ecosystem to not only upskill, but also help a largely unaddressed demographic in the Indian workforce build robust careers in the logistics, transportation and supply chain sectors.

Sanjay Tiwari, Co-Founder of 21CC Education says, “The trend is clear- it is time to change the face of logistics and transportation. It is time to invest in people and in using resources to upskill and reskill them. Through this new association with the NSDC, our young and robust workforce will have the opportunity to not only be gainfully employed, but also build a legitimate career by training with us.”

21CC’s unique application offers nearly 50 courses from a library of 110+ modules that guarantee skill development in logistics and transportation sectors. The platform is designed to make skilling easy and user-friendly, keeping the user engaged through gamification and a distinctive fantasy map learning interface. These courses are available on NSDC’s eskillindia.org portal, which is an online learning hub, with more than 800 courses in 20+ sectors. The offering will be vital for India to bridge the skill deficit in the logistics sector. As per a recent report from the World Economic Forum reveals that by 2022, at least half of the Indian workforce will require reskilling or upskilling in order to keep with the changing demands from the logistics sector.


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