216 Excise deptt officials placed in JK Taxes department

Jammu: After abolition of the Toll Posts and the redundancy of Entertainment Wings in J&K, following subsumption of Entertainment Tax in Goods and Services Tax (GST) post GST implementation in J&K, the government has placed all the 216 officials of Excise department in the J&K Taxes Department, against different vacancies.
In first such instance, two separate orders, placing the services of these officers/officials at the disposal of Commissioner Taxes, J&K and their posting on relevant positions by the Commissioner, were issued in a single day.
Earlier, as per order No. 26-FD of 2020 dated 22/01/2020, issued by the Finance department, the officers/officials were placed at the disposal of the State Taxes Department. On the same date, the JK Taxes department posted these officers/officials at relevant positions in the Department.
These officials were earlier working at Toll Post Lakhanpur, Toll Post Railway Station Jammu, Toll Post Lower Munda and Entertainment Wing Kashmir of the JK Excise department and were due for placement at analogous positions after abolition of the above offices by the government.
The officials placed are 6 ETOs, 35 Inspectors, 57 Sub-inspectors, 5 Head Guards, 1 Armed Guard, 70 Excise Guards, 3 orderlies, 7 BCS, 1 WCP, 2 Dog Handlers, 1 Statistical Assistant, 1 Head Assistant, 4 Sr. Assistants, 2 Jr. Assistants, 3 EDP Supervisors, 4 Assistant EDP Supervisors, 3 Drivers, 1 Accountant, 2 Electrician, 1 Kennel Boy, 3 Helpers, 1 CPA, 1 EDP Assistant and 1 Chowkidar.