259 Bhutanese Students of LPU reached Bhutan on Special Charter Flights

Jalandhar: Lovely Professional University (LPU) has one of the largest numbers of international students studying in India. Though the university is closed; however, because of the lockdown, many of the international and national students have not been able to go back to their respective home country. As a unique initiative, LPU coordinated with Bhutan Government and Bhutanese Embassy in India to fly 259 of its students and dependents in two special chartered flights. A batch of 138 Bhutanese students and 2 dependents were sent from Chandigarh Airport to Bhutan on 28th March 2020 after necessary health screening. Another flight with 121 LPU Bhutanese students and 3 dependents went today from Amritsar airport.

During the complete process, social distancing was maintained and all students were screened on various health parameters by the medical specialists at the LPU Campus as well as by the Health Department of the Punjab Government.

Head Division of International Affairs at LPU, Mr Aman Mittal shares: “We have been in touch with Bhutan Government and Bhutan Embassy at New Delhi for many weeks to transport Bhutanese students back to their home country. LPU has the largest number of Bhutanese student than in any of the Indian university/college. Because of the lockdown, many of the students were not able to go back as India closed the international air border and cancelled all the flights. We are happy and feel indebted to the Govt. of Bhutan for this initiative to help our students. We are also thankful to the Govt. of India and Govt. of Punjab who played a crucial role in providing all the relevant support.”