3 High-Demand Online Programs To Fast-Track Your Career

College degrees can help you get a promotion and earn more, but getting one through traditional channels requires a significant time and investment. If it’s impractical to spend four years in college, there are other ways to get a degree. Typically, online programs appeal to many professionals since they are more flexible and you can finish most degrees quickly– unlike most traditional courses. Most importantly, you can maintain your full-time job and attend school at the same time. The following programs can help fast-track your career path.

1. Nursing

The healthcare industry is currently facing a severe shortage of nurses. There’s a burgeoning need for more professionals. An online nursing program can help you become a registered practitioner or secure a promotion in your current organization. Alternatively, a master’s online degree helps you qualify for a lucrative position in the healthcare industry.


Long-term care nurses look after patients who need comprehensive long term care. Typically, their health conditions require longer care than other individuals. Elderly centers and rehabilitation facilities often have openings for long term care nurses.


On the other hand, pain management nurses help control acute pain in patients. They monitor patients and administer medication to help patients recover. Pain management nurses earn about $102,000 annually and job openings are expected to grow by 9% by 2024.

2. Cybersecurity

Technology is a vital part of business in the digital economy and organizations seek advanced measures to secure data. Cybersecurity experts safeguard systems and networks for businesses and organizations.


Mostly, cyber security positions are available for people with significant experience in information technology fields. It’s essential to build your skills as you prepare for an exciting career.


Online programs from America International College are great pathways for cyber security professionals since most of the coursework is computer-based. Due to the diverse nature of threats, online programs allow students to grasp a real-world experience of possible issues.


Security analysts collect and analyze system data to identify potential issues and design viable solutions. As cyber criminals become more sophisticated, security analysts have to create robust systems to defend against the threats.

3. Marketing

Marketing is a broad industry, but a vital part in business. This is a dynamic field that requires a keen eye for evolving trends. A recognized online degree can help you access lucrative job openings for professionals with a passion for business and marketing.


There’s a growing need for conventional and digital marketers as brands strive to win more customers and ensure growth. This means qualified marketers can get a decent salary and job security. Online marketing programs can help you get academic qualifications while still working in your current job. This is even more attractive since you can get a promotion within the field soon after graduating.


While there are obvious advantages to in-person campus learning, online programs offer more benefits to working individuals with little time to study full-time. Besides allowing you to study at affordable costs, it lets you gain experience and apply the principles in your current job.