30,000 Candidates Took Part in Online Proctored Exams Using Wheebox Face Recognition and AI Tool


New Delhi: Wheebox, leading global online assessment leader, conducted 30,000 online proctored exams using face recognition and AI based tool on a single day in January, this by far has been the largest volume by any provider in the industry. The assessment boasts of being the next gen online proctoring solution using Face recognition tools, where the candidates across multiple geographies were proctored live.

The face recognition tool enables a candidate to log in matching from the face library of registration, in a secured layer where face tracking helps it proctor. Candidate movement is captured real time and corrective messages are displayed using Artificial Intelligence to the candidate. The Wheebox online proctor tool also captures candidate screen and are archived at real time. Wheebox uses its own browser (SafeExamine) to control candidate’s movement out of the test window during the exam period. The solution is not only secured but completely scalable.

Pawan K, Co-founder & CTO of Wheebox, stated, “Wheebox is one of the very platforms in assessment industry that has Cert-In Certification from the Government agencies. To meet the scalability and high security demand of such exams our Data centre partner in India, Microsoft has been a great instrumental partner to build such a network for thousands of concurrent exams that is conducted without glitches. Wheebox has been proud creating the next gen solutions with strong advanced analytics tools.”

Today Wheebox conducts many certification exams for Higher Education and Government Institutions and as more institutions move to delivering assessments online, maintaining assessment integrity will present technical challenge for remote proctoring solutions. Wheebox is also in a pilot mode with an open learning university to conduct exams with 360-degree cameras where proctors can not only control application but the hardware infrastructure of candidate from thousands of miles and proctor test takers integrity and surroundings. Wheebox is also piloting a new Face API where deep learning of human behaviour is being used to monitor candidate experience during examination and create better test taking environment for test takers.