31 New Pension Payment Orders issued by J&K EPFO in April 2022


JAMMU : Pension is an important form of social security for employees and their family members in times of need and eventualities. EPFO Regional Office, Jammu has initiated the process of settlement of Pension claims from the offices of Jammu and Kashmir itself.

Towards this, the Office has settled total 30 pension claims which includes 27 pension claims in Jammu and 3 in Srinagar with initial arrear amount of Rs 15,14,118 and Rsb1,61,963 respectively in the month of April, 2022.

Pension claims were settled in respect of (r/o) Late Balbinder Singh – Sarla Devi (widow), Shikha Chib (daughter) and Neeraj Chib (Son) with the monthly pension amount respectively being Rs. 1501/-, Rs. 375/- and Rs. 375/- .Pension claim has also been settled in r/o Late Kamal Singh –Pushpa Devi (Widow) with monthly pension amount being Rs.1984/-. Pension claim has also been settled in r/o Late Kuldeep Kumar dependent parent (Ram Lal) with the monthly pension amount being Rs.1946/- who visited EPFO, Jammu today to collect the PPO.

Another pension claim of Late Mohan Lal was settled in favour of Bimla Kumari (widow), Sanjay Kumar (Son) and Sahil Kumar(Son) with the monthly pension amount being Rs.2451/-,Rs. 613 and Rs. 613/- respectively. In all the above cases pension arrears would also be paid to the pensioners. Shri Rashpal Singh, working as an Office Superintendent in NHPC, Jammu also received his Pension in EPFO, Jammu visiting the Office in afternoon and was delighted to receive his arrears (on attainment of fifty-eight years of his age). His pension has been fixed to tune of Rs3943/- per month.

The office has also processed cases of retirement pension claim in r/o of Shiv Ram with monthly pension being Rs. 4135/-, Joginder Singh with monthly pension being Rs. 4030/-, Raj Kumar Koul with Rs. 4046/-, Sarita with Rs. 4021/- and 22 others.