3rd Ekam World Peace Festival: Online meditation and prayers held to end economic insufficiency

New Delhi: Ekam World Peace Festival, a 7-day celebration of peace is one of the many festivals that happen which is a spiritual contribution from Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji to humankind.

Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji are mystic-philosophers. They co-created Ekam, a divine force-field created to impact human consciousness. They believe the Universe is animate with intelligence and this intelligence can interfere with human life when help is sought. Ekam channelises the Universal Intelligence. Thus manifesting our heartfelt intention, and awakens our consciousness to enlightened states.

On this occasion, John Peterson, a leading futurist, and founder of Arlington Institute joined Krishnaji in a dialogue on world peace.

Krishnaji during the dialogue with Mr Peterson said: “An awakened wealth creator models economic growth on symbiosis, not exploitation. They thrive by helping others thrive. An awakened wealth creator naturally considers mother earth also as an equal shareholder in their wealth. So, they invest resources to care for her well-being too.”

Seekers come in multitudes to Ekam intending to access the Universal Intelligence and experience transformation in their consciousness. To lead the seeker/the meditator to connecting to Universal Intelligence, at Ekam several meditations, spiritual journeys, and grand festivals celebrating human awakening happen from time to time.

To suit the current times, the festival has been hosted online to reach the innumerable peace meditators from across the world. Several print media and visual media have covered the program spreading awareness of peace across the nation.

Each day of the peace festival is personally lead by Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji. The simple yet astounding wisdom and the powerful, deep meditations have captured the hearts of millions both in India and internationally.

Each day has specific peace intentions which have a direct appeal to our problems. The sixth day of Ekam Peace Festival was for ending economic insufficiency and nurture dignity and sufficiency for all people.

Sri Krishnaji said the world has been on a trajectory of accelerated growth. Accelerated growth means accelerated consumption. Accelerated consumption means continued exploitation of Mother Earth. Where are we today because of this? We have made a mess of our planet, of our families and ourselves.

The exploitative attitude lasts as long as we remain unawakened. The current situation can only change when awakened wealth creators and awakened leaders emerge. An awakened leader arises when 3 shifts occur in one’s consciousness. First, from comparison driven to cooperation driven; second, from pleasure-driven to a purpose-driven; from separation driven to living from an enlightened state of oneness.

When these shifts happen, you become like the bee who takes honey without hurting the flower and supports its sustenance by taking its pollen with it. you will build economies that cause sustenance and the wellbeing of the whole.

Speaking to John, when Sri Krishnaji asked – as a futurologist what new trends do you predict for humanity ?

He said the world is on the verge of a massive paradigm shift. For the future to open up grand possibilities, humanity must become self-realized. He acknowledged Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji for guiding mankind in the right direction.

Lastly, Sri Krishnaji said – Spirituality is not merely for recluses and seekers who renounce the world. Sri Preethaji and I are creating such awakened wealth creators through the numerous meditation festivals and process at Ekam.

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