3rd International Conference “Bioprocess for Sustainable Environment and Energy’ successfully conducted at the Department of Biotechnology and Medical Engineering

Rourkela:  Department of Biotechnology and Medical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Rourkela hosted the “3rd International Conference on Bioprocess for Sustainable Environment and Energy (ICBSEE -INDIA 2022)” in hybrid mode from June 20th to June 24th. Shri Pramod Kumar Satapathy (Executive Director of Rourkela Steel Plant) was the inaugural event’s Chief Guest.

Shri Satapathy addressed the ICBSEE 2022 participants and said “Climate change is the greatest threat to a sustainable future so addressing this issue with the help of science is an opportunity. Through ICBSEE 2022, experts from the field are sharing knowledge and a common understanding of the subject. This conference will indeed help participants to exchange ideas and discover novel opportunities for networking to broaden their knowledge”

Detailing the need for a sustainable environment and energy, Prof. K. Umamaheshwar Rao (Director, NIT Rourkela) also encouraged the audience to promote and practice sustainable living by saving water, soil, trees and other natural resources. Distinguished lecturers and experts from USA, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Malaysia, Egypt, China, Hong Kong, Oman, Syria etc. participated as keynote speakers and enlightened the participants with their expertise on the subject. A total of 200 research work papers on the Environment, Wastewater Treatment, Health Impact of Environmental Pollution, Bioprocess, Energy etc. were submitted by the participants at this conference for further assessment and publication through the Department of Biotechnology and Medical Engineering.

The purpose of this conference was to highlight recent advances in the development of bioprocess strategies for sustainable energy development and waste management to promote a clean and green environment. Prof. Kunal Pal (Head, Department of Biotechnology and Medical Engineering) encouraged the participants & organizers and said, “This platform is providing young researchers in technological innovation to interact with distinguished global personalities from academic and industry. So I congratulate everyone involved in organizing this event.”

Prof. Angana Sarkar and Prof. Kasturi Dutta were the organizing secretaries for this international conference. The department successfully hosted and timely concluded this 5-day event followed by a cultural programme for participants and students. Biotechnology and Medical Engineering advances a fundamental understanding of how biological systems operate and develop effective biology-based technologies for applications for societal needs including innovations in diagnosis, therapy of human diseases, design of novel biomaterials, biomedical devices, and solving environmental hazards.