4 CNRS medals in Ecole Polytechnique laboratories

This year, the CNRS awards 4 “Talents” medals for researchers, engineers and technicians in our laboratories: Silver medal for Silke Biermann, Bronze medal for Nathanaelle Schneider, Crystal medal for Dimitri Edouart and Collective Crystal for the technical team of the Apollo Research Infrastructure.

Each year, the French National Centre for Scientific Research (French: Centre national de la recherche scientifique, (CNRS), the largest fundamental science agency in Europe), medal awards celebrate the researchers and agents who make exceptional contributions to the dynamism and reputation of the institution. It is with great pride that the École polytechnique counts in its laboratories 4 prizes awarded for the year 2020. Through their diversity, they highlight the dynamism and expertise of our laboratories in all areas, both among researchers already recognised and among young researchers, research engineers and technicians.

The laureates

Silke Biermann, Professor of Physics at the Centre for Theoretical Physics (a joint research unit CNRS-École polytechnique/IP Paris), Chairwoman of the Physics Department at X and of the Physics Department at the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, will receive the Silver Medal awarded to researchers who are already nationally and internationally recognised.

Nathanaelle Schneider, a CNRS researcher at the Ile-de-France Photovoltaic Institute laboratory (a joint research unit CNRS-École polytechnique/IP Paris-ENSCP-SAS IPVF) will receive the Bronze Medal, which rewards the first work of a promising researcher in his or her field.

Dimitri Edouart, an X research engineer at the Dynamic Meteorology Laboratory (a CNRS-École polytechnique/IP Paris-ENS/PSL-Sorbonne university joint research unit), is awarded the CNRS 2020 Cristal Medal in recognition of his work on lidars.

The Apollon technical team of the Laboratory for the Use of Intense Lasers (a joint research unit CNRS-École polytechnique/IP Paris-CEA-Sorbonne University) is celebrated this year by the “Cristal collectif”, which rewards teams of men and women and their research support staff, for a remarkable innovative or technical collective project.