45-year-old loses 27 kgs in 64 days at Jindal Naturecure Institute through Naturopathy & yoga, suffering from diabetes, BP and obesity


• Patient was suffering from diabetes, hypertension, sciatica and obesity

• His treatment regimen included intensive hydrotherapies, massage therapies, yoga and pranayama

• Naturopathy and yoga-based lifestyle interventions can help people living with diabetes improve their blood sugar levels significantly

Bengaluru : A 45-year-old Mumbai-based patient suffering from diabetes, hypertension and obesity for five years, has managed to substantially improve his overall health, reduce his dosage of medicines and lose 27 kgs of weight through rigorous naturopathy and yoga-based treatment at Jindal Naturecure Institute, Bengaluru.

The patient who underwent a three month treatment routine including a series of massage therapies, therapeutic packs, yoga and diet modification also experienced significant improvement in his sciatica-related back pain and overall quality of life.

Rupesh Samant (name changed) was feeling extremely unhealthy when he reported his condition to JNI. High blood sugar levels coupled with hypertension and back pain had made him lethargic, stressed out and feeling unwell constantly. The patient was also obese. Notably, both obesity and hypertension are the leading causes of stroke, heart attack, and kidney failure. He was also on high dosage of blood pressure medication and was having difficulty in controlling his blood sugar levels.

“We closely monitored his medical reports, analyzed his condition and decided that the situation had to be handled with utmost care as he had a potentially deadly combination of diabetes and hypertension. We opted for a gradual approach, starting off with a standardized deep cleansing protocol designed to help getting the toxins out of his system. Following this, we gradually weaned him off blood pressure medication and controlled his hypertension with a customized diet and treatment regimen. A dedicated diet protocol along with yoga asanas also helped bring his blood sugar levels under control. Correcting his chronic conditions through a drugless route were the main goals of our treatment program,” said Dr. B T Chidananda Murthy – Chief Medical Officer, Jindal Naturecure Institute.

The Naturopaths started his treatment by cleansing the system with various water therapies including under water therapy, jacuzzi, whirlpool, deluxe hydrotherapy and Graduated Immersion bath with Epsom salt. This was followed by a combination of Massage therapies like oil therapy, kairali therapy, hot stone therapy, deep tissue therapy, vibro therapy and therapeutic packs like mud pack, castor oil pack, Gatro Hepatic pack, kidney pack, spinal pack, steam, sauna bath and ozone steam bath.

Hydrotherapy is recommended to improve blood circulation, increase the flexibility of the muscles, and reduce weight due to no gravity under water. It also helps in burning more calories in order to maintain body temperature under the water. Oil therapy helps mobilize the fat, improves the circulation, increases the lymphatic drainage, soothes the nervous system and thereby relaxes the mind and body. Therapeutic packs help get rid of excess body heat, reduce fat on abdomen and have a diuretic effect which in turn controls blood pressure, sugar levels and also normalizes gastric secretions. All these drugless treatment mechanisms together work to improve the overall functioning of the body’s natural processes.

The treatment program for the patient also included an early morning and evening walk followed by Yogic Kriyas and Yoga sessions. He was also prescribed acupuncture and physiotherapy followed by a certain dietary regime.

“When Naturopathy is combined with yogic sciences, it does bring wonders to your body, mind and soul. Obesity often causes a series of secondary health issues in an individual. Our treatment protocol helps people struggling with obesity and secondary complications to get in control of their bodies again without recourse to any drugs. It is a process of natural course correction for the body,” said and Dr. G Prakash – Dy. Chief Medical Officer, Jindal Naturecure Institute.

The detailed treatment program cleansed the patient’s internal systems, drastically improved his metabolism and facilitated cellulite/fat burning. The patient is now able to walk 10-15 km per day, and has considerably improved strength and stamina. Reduced weight and increased ability to exercise further helped reduce his back pain significantly. By the end of the program, he had lost 27 kgs of weight, and achieved much better control over his sugar levels and blood pressure. The treatment helped him significantly reduce the dosage of his medications.