5 Barn Owl Fledglings rescued in 1 day by PfA Wildlife Hospital

The Veterinarians say it is a pattern that is observed annually during this time of the year

December 30, 2019, Bangalore: If you spot a Barn Owl fledgling near your residence or workplace, don’t be alarmed because it is currently the Barn Owl hatching season. Recently, the hospital took aboard 5 Barn Owl fledglings that were displaced. Found inside a garment factory at Kempegowda Nagar, Byadarahalli, the orphaned fledglings were rescued and brought to the hospital by our rescuers.

Barn Owls hatch during this time of the year, and the fledglings are often susceptible to displacement. Veterinarians at PfA say that there is a steep rise in Barn Owl rescues during this part of the year.

Dr Meghana Pemmaiah, Veterinarian at PfA Wildlife Hospital said, “The rehabilitation procedure of these fledglings will take over a month before they can be safely released back into the wild”.

Dr Karthik M, Senior Veterinarian at PfA Wildlife Hospital said, “Normally, Owls are nocturnal and rest during daytime. If you spot one and if it doesn’t fly away while you go near them, the best thing you can do is to contact a rescue centre like ours”.

Barn Owls are included in Schedule IV of 1972 Wildlife Protection Act and it is a punishable offense to have them in possession.

Many superstitions and myths surround these enigmatic beauties that are often subjected to many detrimental incidents. Proper awareness is required to preserve them from such harmful acts. Since its inception, PfA Wildlife Hospital has rescued 797 Barn Owls.

PfA Wildlife Hospital & Rescue Centre provides free rescues 265 days, 24/7. If you spot an injured wildlife call +91 99000 25370 / +91 99803 39880


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