5 Best tips on how to choose the right CBSE School for your Child

CBSE schools in India have proliferated in both urban and semi-urban areas. This spike in growth comes from the tried and tested formula of the curriculum that consistently places innovation and conceptual understanding at the forefront of its mission. We must understand that education boards have the same long-term goal of providing the best education standards but their methodologies are what separates them. These days, schools in India experiment with international boards, state boards, and national boards providing parents and students alike a chance to control the quality and nature of the education they want to provide for their children. CBSE schools in India stand out because they have very promptly updated and modernized their curriculum to fit the rapidly growing digital world today. It is essential to find a school for your child that helps prepare them for the future, both soft and hard skills to help them become responsible global citizens. Moreover, competitive exams rule the higher education sector of India, and CBSE Schools in India help your child prepare for these important career-defining exams.


If you are a parent who is considering a switch to the CBSE board, or if your child is entering the formal schooling system, there is a lot to consider when choosing the correct school for them. Choosing a CBSE board has to be made after careful consideration of your child and the long-term goals that you have for your child’s education. Here are 5 tips that can help you choose the right CBSE school for them-


Research The Mission Statement of the School- Just like every parent has a unique need and understanding of education, schools also have diverse and unique mission statements. At the heart of every school, there lies a unique motivation on which the principles and ideals of the school are grounded. It is very important, therefore, to research and deliberate on those particular ideals before you decide on a school. For you and your child, sometimes academics is all that matters, search for a school whose ideals are closely grounded in academics. Sometimes, as a parent, you want a school that helps your child become a worldly citizen of the future, and develop a well-rounded personality- look for schools that have these themes in their mission statement. It is important to collect the prospectus of each school and go over them carefully before you arrive at a decision.


Your Child Comes First- Remember, your child always comes first. CBSE Schools in India will always have an interesting and impressive infrastructure, maybe very renowned and high achieving but it is always best to look out for your child. The best way to understand if your child will thrive in a CBSE board is to introduce the elementary CBSE curriculum to them when they are young and assess how they relate to that literature. Find out if they find that content engaging, and if they are deriving useful knowledge from that after two or three sessions. Giving your child a primer before you decide on a school is truly an important step that every parent should take.


Safety- Post-COVID, safety is the number one thing that a parent expects from schools in India. Before enrolling your child in a CBSE school, it is important to judge the safety measures available at the school. Check the sanitization and safety protocol. Ask for the vaccination protocol and policy for the staff. Ask the school if they perform proper background check measures on the teaching and non-teaching staff. Be sure that the school has a well-prepared primary medical center for first aid measures. Ask if the school provides safe buses with appropriate personnel to facilitate transportation to and fro the school. All these safety measures are important things to consider when enrolling your child into a CBSE school.


Curriculum Delivery- This is an important step for parents who are considering a switch before their child’s boards. If your child has shown particular interest in entering the STEM field, then making a switch to the CBSE board makes complete sense. However, that’s not all. Make sure that your child is comfortable with the switch to a different school by understanding how they deliver the different modules in their curriculum. Do they have practical classes? Do they give your child enough chances to test their knowledge independently? What is the student-to-teacher ratio? Are there enough doubt-clearing sessions in school? These are some useful questions to ask.


Infrastructure- This is also an important consideration when thinking about switching your child’s boards. It is not enough to find out if they follow the CBSE curriculum, instead proper research should be done on the educational infrastructure that they have at hand. Do they have a modern computer lab? Do they have specialized classes for STEM? Do they have sophisticated science labs? Do they organize Olympiads? All these are important notes on infrastructure!


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