5 day Subject Specific Training concludes at HSS Lamberi


RAJOURI : The five day subject specific training for primary teachers organised by District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), Rajouri concluded at Government Higher Secondary School Lamberi.

The module of the training contained different teaching learning methodologies, new teaching pedagogies and experiential learning techniques. The participants got the concept of blending teaching pedagogies which would make teaching effective in online as well as offline mode of teaching during and after this pandemic.

The training was held under the guidance of Vinod K Koul, Principal DIET Rajouri and Coordinated by Suresh K Sharma, HOD DIET Rajouri.

Sanjeet Kumar Sharma of HSS Devak; Dr. Dushyant Pradeep of BHSS Sunderbani; Happy Raina of BMS Sunderbani and Vikas Raina of MS Dandani enriched the sessions with different offline and online teaching learning methodologies.

Dr. Dushyant Pradeep also made the trainees aware about the O-Labs which can be used as virtual experimental simulation tool. Suresh K Sharma, HOD DIET and coordinator of the training concluded the training with his guidance and motivational lecture to the trainees and resource persons.