5 Hot Indian Startups

The entrepreneurial activities have increased since the coronavirus pandemic took over the world in the last two years. While many businesses experience the collapse due to unexpected disruption that hit the economy and made companies stop their activities, startups became a key source of job growth and innovation resiliency which made new businesses prosper and adapt to new conditions influenced by digital transformation across the globe.


The changes that are led by pandemics seem so serious and inevitable that they accelerated the processes in many fields. Thus, students became vulnerable to the tidal wave of changes which the educational system faced. Many young people are forced to study at home, which makes it hard for them to cope with all the assignments given at college or university. Some students want to combine their studies with startup ideas which they want to turn into life. That’s why they make a request, “can you do my homework for me, please?” in a reliable website of writing service to help them with the assignments. Such an approach enables students to spend more time on their business projects and fulfill their plans.


India today has the third-largest number of startups in the world. As we can see, the pandemic didn’t only make some negative changes in the business world. Instead, the digital acceleration that followed the situation has pushed new companies to strive and make their way through the hardships and losses. Thus, Indian industries and companies started quickly adopting disruptive technologies to maintain agility and business growth during the crisis.


The Top Startups That Boom Indian Startup Ecosystem

Do you wonder how these top companies managed to break through the difficult times to become one of the most popular startups in the world? If you are a student and want to implement some of your ideas in your startup but feel overwhelmed with your studies, use essay writing services review to choose the most qualified assistance for your assignments. And get down to your projects which can make you as successful as these five hot Indian startups.


1. Unacademy

This is the largest free learning platform built by skillful Indian specialists to promote education across the globe and make people feel comfortable with the resources suggested in this program. You can find high-quality courses there which would help you in your studies. With Unacademy assistance, you have a chance to improve your performance and reach better results in your classes. You can turn to the writing service for help by choosing the one on nerdify reviews to dive deeper into the world of knowledge and unique information on the Unacademy. More than one hundred educators have created courses on the platform to make the process of studying exciting for you.


2. Nykaa.com

This is one of the greatest online destinations in India for beauty and wellness. Millions of happy customers used their service and were completely satisfied with the results as the tips of a comprehensive selection of makeup, skincare, haircare, and other wellness products Nykaa offers really deserve your attention. The high-quality products both for men and women make you look gorgeous and healthy. Today Nykaa ships more than thirty thousand zip codes using the services of the most reliable courier companies.


3. Shuttl

Every person dreams about a stress-free commute to work in a big city. Shuttl can provide you with such service as it is India’s largest bus-aggregating platform. As a result, urban intracity travelers can have more convenient journeys from home to work and the other way round, experiencing a smarter mode and more affordable public transport in their locations. Shuttl aims to make the commute powered by cutting-edge technology leading to less traffic as this issue is relevant for many cities in India. Its mission is to solve the pain of commuting. Thus, Shuttl offers a space-efficient, safe and cost-effective solution for urban people.


4. Haptik

Haptik is one of the world’s largest conversational AI platforms, enabling users to apply it in many spheres of life, which can be suited independently for any specific use cases. Haptik has an automated conversational testing platform that can help you deal with customers by amplifying the engagement, increasing conversions, and delivering delightful support. In addition, the virtual conversation studios can help the users quickly bring complex use cases and workflows to life.


5. Instamojo

The platform was founded in 2012 and quickly became India’s fastest-growing full-stack retail company that is leading the democratization of payment and e-commerce for MSME merchants. Many people around the world utilize Instamojo to apply the easiest way to build their own online business. The platform offers a large number of great functional online stores, in-built payments, shipping, marketing tools, and many other beneficial options for entrepreneurs to make their business successful. In addition, Instamojo can help you establish relationships with financial institutions, design brand-new world-class transactional experiences, and minimize risks to conduct business online.











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