5 Unconventional Future Career Choices Your Kids Will Pursue


Not all careers give the creative space you need. In other words, you fail to find the reason to get out of the bed every morning. Gone are the days when engineering and medicines were perceived as the ‘IT career options. Numerous factors are prompting people to think out of the box and look for career options that are tailor-made for them. Likewise, your child may find interest in a completely unconventional career. So, let’s take a look at five unconventional future career choices your child may want to pursue:

  1. Wedding Planner

Wedding planning is an extremely popular profession, and for a good reason – people constantly get wedded. There’s something exceptionally energising about being a part of a couple’s most special day.

In India, weddings mean huge business and take up a considerable measure of planning time and in addition require large scale implementation. Nearly everybody today is living a high paced life and are willing to hire professionals referred to as Wedding Planners or Wedding Coordinators to deal with all the wedding-related arrangements. The point is to make the event a grand affair with no glitches.

Numerous wedding organisers are trained as event organisers. For some, that implies procuring a four-year degree in hospitality management or a related field. Anybody contemplating opening a business must think about start-up costs. Despite the fact that it may not require office space compulsorily, you need a budget for related wedding accessories and marketing the business.

  1. Food Flavorist

These individuals add flavours to the food and make it taste great. This job requires blending of different ingredients to make an extraordinary flavour and requires having decent information of chemicals, essential oils, plant extracts and so on.

This career is firmly identified with chemistry, and the individuals who have a background in chemistry are most appropriate for this. A food flavourist has openings for work in different sectors like fragrance, cosmetics, food & beverages nourishment and drinks, and so on.

  1. Jewellery Designer

Jewellery design is the art of designing and creating jewellery. This art has taken numerous forms throughout the centuries, from the basic beadwork of old times to the complex metalworking and gem cutting as popularly known in the present day.

Depending on whether a jewellery designer is making jewellery on a mass scale or independently for a particular customer, they should have the ability to translate customer details and prerequisites while outlining a piece.

Frequently, designers may choose to simply design the piece and get it fabricated by a third party (an expert company which masters in the actual process of making jewellery).

Jewellery designers may work under a setup gems house or begin working independently on a freelance basis. With time, they can build up their organisation and design and make pieces of jewellery under their own label.

  1. Marine Biologist

This career relates to underwater life, exploring the marine flora and fauna. The job includes finding the ecologies of the seas. The oceanographers study the organisms underwater and help in research and new discoveries.

Depending on the area of work, duties as a marine biologist could include: testing and monitoring sea creatures exposed to pollutants, collecting samples, and conducting species inventories.

To become a marine biologist, one needs to acquire education in the area of marine biology. Marine biology courses are mostly offered at postgraduate levels and to pursue such a course, one needs a graduation degree, with Biology as the main subject of study.

  1. Game Designer

A significant portion of us wants to play games and invest a ridiculous amount of time playing them. Gaming is one of the biggest segment of the entertainment industry and a multibillion-dollar one, flourishing broadly over the world. As the game industry develops, more colleges are making educational programs to help professions in computer game design.

Game designers normally have a college degree in computer engineering, game design, or computer science which takes four to five years to finish. Additionally, courses in game design may include integrated video design and technology, project management, level designing and game prototyping.

Game designers basically work in a managerial role on a video game project, helping with work schedules, manage budgets and project timelines. Attention to detail is vital, as are communication skills, enthusiasm and knowledge about the video game industry.

Although unconventional career choices are exciting, it is not all bed of roses. There are challenges in these careers too. Some common challenges may include lack of guidance, lack of platform, and the most significant one, lack of finance. However, you can shield your kid from the financial constraints with the best child plan. Child plan accomplishes two purposes- financially securing your child’s future and financing the turning points of his/her life, including higher education and marriage. The best child plan protects your child’s future in case of your unfortunate demise and at the same time builds a corpus which can be utilised at prime milestones (like pursuing an unconventional career).

Furthermore, child plan serves a double purpose of not only being an insurance product, but also an investment tool. The insurance component ensures that the child receives a substantial amount of money (death benefit) in case a mishap occurs with the insured.

While the investment component aids in building a corpus so that funds are made accessible to the child at regular intervals (can be used for his multiple needs including education). Hence, whatever your child’s dream may be, you can prepare yourself financially with a secure child plan which can cater to his/her different life stage needs.


For a child, a well-thought child plan could be the best gift from his parents that will make sure that he achieves all his dreams of pursuing an unconventional career. Since there are many insurance companies in the market offering various plans, you need to be sure you select the best child plan. So, cautiously compare and then purchase the child plan that meets the future needs of your kid.

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