5 ways to excel in a career

Dr. Vivek Bindra, CEO Coach & Motivational Speaker
In this age when everything has gone mainstream and everyone is trying to make their ends meet in this corporate life. The career orientation has taken the lead in everyone’s life and this has resulted in the change of attitudes in life.
So how do we achieve we have set out to achieve?
The writing on the wall is simple, create a conscious goal which has the intensity to keep you awake at nights and try to achieve it. If you are facing problems, then don’t give up just change your strategy to ensure that the goal is achieved. Find other possibilities to achieve your goal and just don’t take a breather till you have found ways to achieve your goal.
But with day to day mundane routine, we may get distracted from the goal, so generate an unusual reminder mechanism to remind you of the goal. The mechanism should be so unique that it should irritate you, but at the same time will remind you of your goal. It can be as unusual as changing the watch to the right hand or shaving with 80% of the mirror covered; it may bother you initially but will keep you reminded of your goal. If you can practice your goal for 66 days it will become your habit, as per psychologists similar tasks turn into Hedonic Adaptations. Once you overcome these adaptations, you will start enjoying your work and will stay motivated towards your goal.
Put a time frame on your goal or divide your goal into small parts and put a timeline to it. It may look like I will do this by tomorrow, next week, etc. This will only work when you may have established some critical success factors in life and start keeping a note of these.
However, one will also need to establish and take note of your progress for which you will have to develop a constant review mechanism. So, one has to have 2 scoreboards made, Effort score and result score, e.g., running on a treadmill is your effort, but how much have you lost weight is your result. So, you will have to have both the scores on a daily basis as it will keep you in sync with your efforts and results obtained. The bottom-line is to control the effort score so that the resulting score is automatically controlled.
The reason for a hierarchy in any setup is to build an accountability structure so that even if you are an entrepreneur, you need to bring in someone towards whom you may feel accountable to and that may be anyone, your wife, parents, mentor etc. All you need to find that if you can trust that person or if that person inspires you or not. By doing this you will have the compulsion to do the right thing and will be subconsciously forced to do the right thing to achieve your goal as nobody wants to fail in front of anyone.
Success in any field is not a day’s job; it needs perseverance, patience, passion and a driving purpose. Once an individual starts practicing these things, then he will be on the road to success where he/she will have to face lot many questions and choices made will determine their growth trajectory.