5 Websites to Reduce PDFs Size Online for Free

Portable Document Format or PDF has become a universal file format and wherever you go, you will be asked to submit your files and documents in the form of PDFs. There are several reasons why PDF has become a universal file format such as it is easily accessible on all platforms, it is simple and convenient, it allows the transfer of data and information efficiently, you can insert images, videos, & animations easily into a PDF and it can also be converted into most of the other document formats.


While handling PDFs most people face the problem of having huge-sized PDFs. This problem is faced when the PDF is full of multimedia such as images or videos or when there are so many pages in a PDF. Such PDFs have huge file sizes and take a lot of time to upload, not to mention that huge-sized PDFs can cross the maximum file size limit on several websites, therefore, you need to compress the PDFs and reduce their size. Luckily, there are several websites available on the Internet through which you can easily compress and reduce the size of PDFs for free, some of these websites are mentioned below:

1. Lua

At the top, we have Lua, which is a website that had several tools that you can need when working with PDFs such as PDF Compressor, PDF Merger, PDF to Other Formats Converter e.g PDF to PNG or From Other Formats to PDF Converter e.g PPT to PDF, etc. All of these tools are available on Lua for free and if you are looking to reduce the size of PDF then just upload the file and let the website take care of compression. You also needn’t worry about the security or privacy of the files that you upload as all the websites are uploaded on a secure server and deleted within 24 hours.

2. Smallpdf

Next up, it is Smallpdf. Smallpdf is another website that has a collection of different tools related to PDFs such as PDF Compressor, PDF Converter, PDF Editor, PDF Merger, etc. These tools are available on Smallpdf for free so you can try them out. If you like their services then you can also subscribe to their subscriptions. For individual users, the tools can be used for free but if you are someone who works with a lot of PDFs then you need to subscribe to one of their subscription plans. 


For reducing the size of PDF, just upload the file on the website and it will be compressed in just a few seconds after which you can download and use the file.

3. iLovePDF

iLovePDF is a website that has a lot of different PDF tools available in one place. iLovePDF has a huge collection of PDF tools such as PDF Compressor, PDF Splitter, PDF Merger, PDF Converter, PDF Protector, PDF Organizer, PDF Editor, etc. What makes PDF different from other websites is that it has an app available for both Android & iOS plus there is also a desktop client available using which you can use all the tools easily on your desktop, even without the internet. To compress and reduce the file size, just upload the file on the website and it will be compressed in no time.

4. Sejda

Sejda is an online website that has a huge collection of different PDF tools available, up to 30 different PDF tools are available on Sejda for free that you can use online and edit your PDFs for free. If you are looking to get the size of your PDF file reduced then you can get it done through Sejda, just upload the file and let the website do the rest. The files are uploaded on a private server and stay private, moreover, the files are automatically deleted after 2 hours.

5. PDF2Go.com 

PDF2Go.com is a website that has the tools that you need to edit PDF files. Whether you’re looking for Convert from PDF Converter, Convert to PDF Convertor, or PDF Compressor, PDF Splitter, or PDF Merger, you will get all of them on PDF2Go.com. A very good feature about this website is that you can not only upload files and get them compressed but you can also add the files through Dropbox, Google Drive, or External Link. You can also choose the quality of the PDF after compression, whether you want a high-quality file after compression or medium quality file after compression.


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