5000+ LPU Students showcased Talent at Annual Competitive Cultural Fest ‘Spectra-2019’

Jalandhar: LPU forwarded high-spirited experience at its annual mega cultural event ‘Spectra-2019’, where more than 5000 LPU Students of professional programmes showcased their talent. For this, 29 categories of competitions were held in the 5 areas of music, dance, literary, theatrics and fine arts. Social awakening messages forwarded through two-day fest included those favouring ‘Skills Development, Entrepreneurship, Nationality, Patriotism, Cleanliness’; and, against ‘Food Wastage, Corruption, Terrorism, Pollution, Poverty, Female Foeticide’ and more. The most spectacular event culled out true artist residing within each of the participating would-be Engineers, Managers, Doctors, Physiotherapists, Bio-Technologists, Journalists, Advocates, Judges, Fashion Designers, Architects, Pharmacists studying at LPU.

Conveying message of national importance- “Say No to Plastics”, all of the participants also held two kilo-meter long procession in unison at the campus, which culminated at Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium of the University. Winning teams and individual students of various schools were awarded with trophies and certificates. Inspiring all winning and participating students, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal invoked them to sharpen their talents under the guidance of nationally & internationally qualified instructors at the university. Describing ‘Spectra’ as a fun filled competitive celebration, Mr Mittal asked students to get enlightened & enhance their competitive spirit to excel in life.

In fact, LPU schedules variegated ‘Spectra’ fest every year in the first semester to identify the talent, particularly, of new students. Winners here and other talented students at the university are further guided to perform at bigger national- international level platforms, including AIU Nationals, Youth Vibe, One India, One World and more. Side by, non-competitive students’ performances like Nukkad Nataks (street plays), rock band shows, street dances and more were also chalked out to lead developing minds on humane and social lines.

Competitions under music category were for classical vocal, instrumental (percussion/ non-percussion), folk group singing, Indian group, duet singing and western solo vocal. For dance, there were competitions for classical / semi classical, folk dances, international group dance, western free style, theme choreography, western group dance and rap-star. For theatrics, competitions were for skit, beat boxing, histrionics, mimicry and mime. Fine Art competitions were for spot painting, clay modelling, cartooning, photography, rangoli, poster making, collage making, single colour painting, water colour mixture, charcoal portrait, greeting card making etc. Literary competitions included elocution, quiz, creative writing, debate, declamation, news reading and more.

Results: School of Computer Science and Engineering lifted overall trophy of Spectra, School of Business declared first runner-up and School of Journalism and Film Production second runner-up.