53 Villages to get Free Primary Health Facilities through Mobile Vans by Hindustan Zinc

Udaipur: Hindustan Zinc under its Community Service Initiatives has launched 2 Mobile Health Vans in the districts of Udaipur (Zawar Miens area) and Chittorgarh covering more than 53 villages around its business locations. These mobile health vans will target rural & tribal areas that are currently devoid of adequate primary healthcare facilities. These Vans will provide free treatment to the villagers and are equipped to provide more than 10 types of Health related tests. Every mobile medical van are equipped with a doctor, driver and a coordinator along with the necessary medicines and diagnostic kits.

These Vans are being launched under the Smile on Wheels Campaign, in association with Smile Foundation. Through this initiative, in Chittorgarh district more than 20000 rural people of 25 villages will be benefitted and in Udaipur, more than 15000 rural & tribal people of 28 villages will be benefitted.

Hindustan Zinc’s through its various health initiatives is committed to support measures for ensuring health and well-being of people living around its operational areas, as well as the public at large has been acknowledges for long. Apart from specialized care, thousands of families benefit from regular health, awareness, ayurvedic & other specialized camps that are organized in communities around the company’s operations.