598 students of ISB’s flagship PGP graduated from the Hyderabad campus

Hyderabad: 598 students of ISB’s flagship Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) graduated from the Hyderabad campus in an impressive ceremony today. G V Prasad, Co-Chairman and CEO of Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd and Member of the ISB Executive Board was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Harish Manwani, Chairman of the ISB Executive Board and Professor Rajendra Srivastava, Dean, ISB participated in the celebrations along with members of the Board, students, families, faculty, staff, alumni and other guests.

Class of 2019 with 883 students comprises 598 students from Hyderabad campus and 285 students from Mohali campus. With the graduation of Class of 2019 from both the campuses, the alumni base of ISB will become 10700 strong. This makes ISB the fastest growing business school in India to reach the 10000 mark in a relatively short span of 18 years. ISB’s alumni are extant in over 42 countries across the world pursuing successful careers in diverse arenas.

Addressing the graduating class, G V Prasad said, “The need for high-quality management professionals at every level in Indian Businesses is ever increasing. World-class management education at ISB provides the platform for a transformational and impactful career. I congratulate the graduates of the Class of 2019 and wish them a brilliant future as they embark on their careers.”

Chairman of the Executive Board of ISB, Harish Manwani, in his address said, “In this fast-changing world of knowledge and technology, never stop learning if you have to remain relevant and be part of the future. Your guiding principle has to always be to keep one foot into the future as you remain rooted in the present.”

Professor Rajendra Srivastava, Dean, ISB, advised the outgoing graduands, “It is that time of the year when another set of transformed birds fly across the world, just like the ISB logo where the birds spread their wings and fly. We have tried our best to teach you how to balance theory and practice, you have to think beyond traditional boundaries and challenge the status quo and implement your learnings in the workplace. I wish you luck for the new beginnings in your life.”

In his address, Dean Srivastava also added, “The Class of 2019 has been very successful in their placement efforts. With 1301 acceptable offers in hand, it is a 16% growth in the number of offers from the previous year. Around 35 entrepreneurs are venturing on their own and opted out of the placement process of the School. This year’s average CTC of INR 25.09 lakhs per annum is the highest average CTC of any class at ISB so far. The rich profiles of jobs and the compensation offered further strengthens ISB’s position as a go-to school when it comes to meaningful career progression.”

At the ceremony, the School also celebrated the accomplishments of its students by distributing awards to students who excelled in academics, extra-curricular activities and those who had demonstrated exemplary leadership skills throughout the year. Student-elected awards to faculty were also given out today. For the first time, both the merit and all-rounder top awards have been bagged by women students.

The list of awards for this year is appended:

Professors of the year

Professor Achal Bassamboo, Professor Milind Sohoni, Professor Sarang Deo were awarded Professor of the Year for Core Courses, and

Professor Krishnamurthy Subramanian, Professor Piyush Kumar and Professor S Arunachalam were awarded the Professor of the Year for Elective Courses

ISB Gold Medal has been awarded to Rashi Choudhari for being the student to have scored the highest cumulative grade point average across both campuses

The Chairman’s All-Rounder Award was given to Nitya Samuel for demonstrating exceptional all-around leadership skills through the year

The ISB-Parmeshwar Godrej Award was awarded to Lalita Kavi Soumya; this award is given annually to an Exemplary Woman Student from the graduating PGP class

ISB Scholars of Excellence (Hyderabad): Harish Bommerla, Rashi Choudhari, Nishanth Muthusamy; the ISB Scholar of Excellence was awarded in recognition of outstanding academic performance throughout the year
14 students received ISB Young Leaders award, and 33 students received ISB Torchbearer awards. These awards were given to students who have demonstrated leadership skills and all-around excellence throughout the year

Academic Associates of the year (Hyderabad) were given to Suryanarayana Murthy, Addepalli Bhargav, Bharath Ram Reddy, Pankhuri Jain, Siddhartha S Modukuri