5paisa launches free investing education app as new investors flock markets


India’s only listed discount broker 5paisa.com has launched a free investing education app – 5paisa school – for new investors in the stock market to help them understand about safe investing and successful wealth creation. The 5paisa school app focuses on micro-learning and has many one-minute modules to meet expectations of young investors.

5paisa.com is India’s most affordable and fastest growing discount broker. The firm has over 7 lac active users and offers equity investing at zero brokerage, mutual funds, insurance, and loans among others on its platform.

Prakarsh Gagdani, CEO, 5paisa.com said, “We have seen many millennials and new investors losing money in equity due to lack of adequate knowledge and guidance. 5paisa school is a free app and can be used by anyone with simple two-step authentication process. As we see millions of new investors investing into equities every month, investor education become paramount.”

Helped by improved technology, internet access and availability of high-quality and affordable platforms like 5paisa.com the equity participation has seen an exponential growth in the last few months.

5paisa school is a collection of modules catering to the different aspects of the market. These modules are designed to guide you through the entire journey of investment. The courses provide summarized material with examples and illustrations. Many modules are designed in such a way that they are one-minute reads covering the gist of the entire topic.

5paisa school has collaborated with industry experts for live webinars and host content created by influencers to help investors learn the advanced trading techniques. The content is available in both video and textual format to make the whole process of learning simple and enjoyable. 5paisa school also provides certification on course completion.

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