£660 million UK Government funding for Scotland

Scotland will benefit from additional UK Government funding for the NHS and social care services.

London: Scotland will benefit from £660 million of additional UK Government funding, as a result of last week’s announcement by the Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock of a further £7 billion for NHS and social care services

In total, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will receive £1.3 billion new funding. The funding breakdown is determined by the Barnett formula and it is up to the devolved administrations how they spend the money. When England receives additional funding, the Barnett formula ensures Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all receive an equivalent share of funding.

In England, the investment will support the continuation of the NHS response to COVID-19, and the recovery of elective services as hospitalisations continue to fall, as well as infection control measures in adult social care, and a hospital discharge programme to help free up staff and beds.

Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock said:

Throughout this crisis we’ve protected the NHS, and made sure they have the resources they need. As a result, across the whole United Kingdom the NHS has been able to live up to its promise of treating everyone according to need not ability to pay. Those values have stood in good stead in this pandemic in very difficult times.

I’m delighted to confirm that as a result of the £7 billion extra UK Government investment announced last week, Scotland will receive £660 million, helping ensure health services in all parts of the UK can continue to tackle the impact of this pandemic. This is another example – alongside the vaccine rollout – of the UK working together for all our citizens.

The funding is on top of the additional £3.6 billion that Scotland is already receiving over the next financial year through the Barnett formula, building on the £9.7 billion of additional funding Scotland received in 2020-21.

Scottish Secretary Alister Jack said:

The UK Government’s commitment to supporting Scotland through the pandemic has been unwavering, which is why today we are giving an extra £660 million to the Scottish Government to ensure NHS Scotland has the vital funding it needs in these challenging times.

Alongside this, the UK Government continues to provide the bulk of all Covid-19 testing in Scotland as well as vaccines, which are important in lifting of restrictions and reopening the economy.

The strength of the Union has never been more important to the people of Scotland than it has been over the past 12 months with our Covid-19 response also helping families to retain their livelihoods and supporting businesses to keep running.

It comes as the UK Government sets out its bold vision for the future of clinical research, developed by every part of the UK. The vision is designed to improve the speed and efficiency with which the UK government sets up studies, uses digital platforms to deliver clinical research, and makes research more diverse and relevant to the whole UK.

Reflecting the ambition of all four UK governments, the vision demonstrates a continued shared commitment to work collaboratively, ensuring the UK remains a world-leader in innovative research for the benefit of all four nations.


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