6th convocation of Amity University Haryana was held on 1st Feb 2020

Gurgaon: 6th convocation of Amity University Haryana was held on 1st Feb 2020 at the 110 acres sprawling campus, globally acknowledged for its unparalleled academic and research excellence. The Former Chief Justice of India, Justice Dipak Misra and MD of D.B.Power Ltd Girish Agarwaal and globally renowned Software Professor Dr Bernhard Pfahringer of University of Waikato, New Zealand were conferred upon the degrees of Honorary Doctorate by the Chancellor of Amity University Haryana, Dr Aseem Chauhan at the glittering ceremony.
While addressing the large gathering of distinguished academicians, entrepreneurs, alumni and 1636 graduands, Former CJI, Justice Dipak Misra said, “Education is the turn key to have success and ample opportunity in life but it comes with a heavy responsibility to conduct oneself with utmost humility and integrity. You must embrace new challenges and strive to develop scientific temper and humanism to greet the rapidly changing future”. He made a sincere appeal to the graduands to never rely upon short cuts for achieving success but to consider the paths adopted by the extolled achievers. Education must not be perceived as something confined to the four walls of classroom. This requires us to update our knowledge base on a continuous basis said Justice Misra. Education opens up our creative and imaginative capabilities. Education without values is meaningless. If you have the skills but don’t have the values then the objective of becoming an educated person becomes otiose.
In his motivational notes, the renowned media entrepreneur, Girish Agarwaal advised the graduands that there is nothing sequential in the corporate world. Your success will depend on how do you remain truthful to yourself and continue to learn and keep yourself skilled throughout your life. He further added that achievers are made by their inner will and undeterred convictions.
The digital age requires continuous innovation and a great sense of responsibility on all the citizens of the world, Dr Bernhard responded while receiving the honorary doctorate.
The Chancellor of Amity University Haryana, Dr. Aseem Chauhan urged upon the graduands to recognize their mission in life and follow it with utmost passion and integrity. He further added that failures are the pillars of success. However circuitous the path may seem, one should always remain focused with discipline and he also advised to be humble and make excellence a part of once everyday life and success would begin to follow, opined, Chancellor, Dr Aseem Chauhan.
Widely acknowledged academician and Vice Chancellor of Amity University Haryana, Prof. P.B. Sharma blessed the students and laid his unshakable thrust upon self-discipline and lifelong learning. He added that the professionals of the new knowledge age, are equipped with the capabilities of creating a better tomorrow. He inspired the younger generation to excel in the chosen fields of endeavor and bring glory to their parents and Alma-Mater said Vice Chancellor, Prof Sharma while presenting the Vice Chancellor’s report at the Convocation. Specially mention was mady by Prof Sharma of the world class research facilities like centre of excellence in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Centre of Lipidomics and higher end central instrumentation facility.
A total of 1636 gradaunds of various programs, including Engineering & Technology, Management, Applied Sciences, Journalism & Mass Communication, Medical Sciences, Languages and Commerce, received UG and PG degrees; besides 58 Gold Medals, 52 Silver Medals and 53 Bronze Medals were bestowed on the top rankers. 28 students were awarded PhDs and meritorious students from different institutions were felicitated with Dr Ashok K. Chauhan Scholarships and ‘’Baljeet Shastri Awards’’ at today’s convocation.
Honorary professorship was conferred on Mr. Leon Choong, Regional CEO (ASEAN) for his outstanding contributions in the field of Education and Entrepreneurship and Ms. Candida Chandorkar, Director Education and CSR Chairperson North America of Tata Technologies for her outstanding contribution to education and corporate excellence.
Other distinguished persons presenting at the Convocation included Trustees of RBEF Shri Anand Chauhan, Shri Ajay Chauhan, Shri BPS Chauhan, Shri Ajit Chauhan, Shri Abhay Chauhan, Shri Amol Chauhan, , Dr Ajit Naglpal, President of Amity Foundation for Science and Technology Innovation, ASTIF Dr W Selvamurthy, Deputy Vice Chancellor Maj Gen B S Suhag (Retd), Maj Gen G S Bal (Retd), Eminent Scientist Dr Ajit Verma, Dr VK Jain, Dr Rajendra Prasad, Dr UN Singh and Maj Gen P K Sharma (Retd) were also present.
Convocation 2020 remained a day of great joy and exhilaration for the graduands and their parents who went down the memory lane, reminiscing university days while re-uniting with their friends and Alma mater. All the graduands, donned beautiful black robes with caps and colored scarves representing UG/PG programs were mesmerizing. Convocation 2020 marked yet another significant milestone in the life of Amity University, Haryana, a University excelling in research and innovation with strong industry integration.

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