7 Must-Know Tips for Government State Lotteries


State lotteries in India have a great history with an array of winners throughout the years. Both government state and online lotteries play the key to winners making in the country. Now, almost all the states in India have launched their lottery systems. Especially, this is popular in Kerala, Goa, Punjab, West Bengal, Nagaland and many other states. 

Indian lottery programs have years of history since it first invented in 1967. The Stare, Kerala was the first region that kept the steps forward for the popularity of Indian government lottery programs.

From that, only the other states begin their journey to publishing state lotteries. The drawing days for lotteries in India are varying from state to state and the type of lotteries also has their unique drawing timetables. 

We can discuss those specialized drawing schedules and the prizes named for each lottery through the following piece of writing. 

Anyway, one thing to remember is that the Indian state lottery programs are one of the world’s best prize-sharing platforms that you must try. 

How to buy Indian government lotteries

Indian lotteries are two kinds including lottery tickets and online lotteries. 

So, the thing where to buy those tickets depends upon the personal selection of what kind of lotteries you are going to buy. Usually, lottery tickets are available at local selling counters everywhere in the state. 

But, if the state-approved selling vendors are not around, you can go through an online lottery selling platform. 

How to buy an online Indian government lottery

Getting a lottery through an online platform is novel but it is easier than following a local selling shop as fewer chances for scams and penalties in winning draws through legitimate methods. 

Even though the concept of buying an online lottery is novel, it became popular within a short period as it is more convenient and user-friendly than buying through a seller. 

So, people usually use sites like lotto247, lottery, and lotto smile India to buy online government state lotteries in India while spending their time at home. These sites are known as legit and government-approved selling platforms for online lotteries. And, the sites have been able to achieve the primary goals of safe lottery draws without scams and frustrated winners as such fake lottery sellers.

How to claim prices through Indian government lottery draws

The government lottery drawing timetables and expected price range to be distributed is varying according to the state and the type of lottery. 

Anyway, the fortune will run behind you until you get a lottery from the Indian government. The government online lotteries in India can be the most suitable method to hit the jackpot. 

The lotteries selling in local vendors also have chances to avail prices. Yet, unfortunately, there are numerous scam lotteries printed workout the legal access all around India. So, if you buy one of those lotteries, there may not have any chances to hit a jackpot.

What documents do you need to submit to claim the prizes

If you are fortunate enough you would be able to receive a lucky draw winning chance. So, it is time to dream about a pain-free enjoyable future without pain medications or therapeutic interventions (Native New Zealand tree puts the sting on pain) to keep you happy.

Anyway, first, keep your lottery ticket in a safe place until you claim the jackpot. 

In the case of online lotteries, you can save the ticket in a secure place until document submission completes. 

Usually, the documents needed to claim the jackpots are varying by the state and the type of lotteries. The other thing is it will not be easy to receive prices once you submit your lucky lottery. 

Since India has a huge population, the number of lotteries sold per day is also higher. So, the different states ask for varying kinds of documentation to ensure that prices deliver to the real winner itself. 

So, claiming a jackpot is a bit time-consuming thing that needs some effort until you hand over the prizes and gifts. 

Usually, you should first contact the lottery head office in the relevant state of the central government. Then, they will ask about the relevant steps that you have to go through to claim the prices. 

Often, you have to submit a photostat copy of the lucky ticket. Here, you should put your signature on both sides of the ticket to prove it is brought by yourself and you are the real winner of the jackpot. 

Next, they will also ask for passport-size photos of yourself. Possibly, you have to submit two copies. But, it can vary from three to five also. The requirements may depend upon the legal background of the state. 

Identification documents such as a national identity card, passport or driving license created through a verified agent in India are also mandatory to prove your identification to the national lottery board. Sometimes, they will ask about the bank details as well.

Once, you submit all these documents, they will contact you by announcing a day to hand over the jackpot. But, it will take time.

How do the Indian government lottery lucky number predictions work

Most people seek to rely on predicted lucky draw numbers. Many astrologers say they can predict the lucky numbers for the upcoming draws.

But, actually, do these lucky number predictions work? It seems the buyers who buy the lotteries by following lucky numbers have equal chances to win as same as the general buyers.

So, the general point is there is not much effect on the Indian government’s lucky number prediction for lottery winning chances. 

Yet, if you believe it is worth trying, you can follow several online numerology sites to try your luck!

3 the best number prediction software for Indian lotteries

If you still have a curiosity to search for your luck with software, try to find out the lucky numbers with the following software.

  • WinSlips

This is known as one of the best mathematics-based number prediction software. So, it will suggest most vulnerable numbers can be selected as the lucky numbers for the given date.

  • Lotto Pro

The software has been designed to offer all the possible lucky numbers for you to be eligible for the lucky jackpot. Use this software before buying your lottery to be a winner.

  • Pick3Snipper

This is one of the best number prediction tools that can use with less effort without any downloads. This is a web-based application. So, it is a user-friendly, affordable and accurate tool which can even manage through your mobile.

Indian lottery drawing dates and schedules

Since more than fifteen numbers of States in India are publishing online lotteries each day, there are at least a few lucky draws per day in India. 

Similarly, weekly, monthly and daily schedules are there for lottery draws depending upon the type of lottery and state. So, almost every day there may have a lucky draw that can make you a winner!

Cheers to lucky winners!

Find the seven most important tips about government state lotteries in India to be a lucky winner through the next draw. We are passing our greetings to all the Indian lottery buyers throughout the World!


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