Over 700 children of migrant labourers get a new school from volunteers employed by the Adani Group

New Delhi: Adani Group employees pledged their personal funds for the education of approximately 704 children of migrant labourers in Mundra, Kutch upon recently discovering lack of schooling. The problem was identified during a routine community mobilization exercise in Mundra in Kutch. The children of Hindi-speaking migrant labourers were not attending existing local schools, as they did not have the financial means to attend and remained at home.

With in-depth inquiries into their problems, a volunteer group of Adani employees committed to provide the required assistance from their own funds. A detailed plan therefore was plotted to setup a suitable infrastructure, teachers, learning materials, student kits, estimated overheads and operational cost.The aim was toextend the philosophy of growth with goodness for all by providing the society a healthy growth environment. The selfless attitude and unperturbed motivation, led these trailblazers of Adani Group achieve such a great feat that applauds humanity.

Commenting on this great initiative of the employees, Dr. Priti Adani, Chairperson, Adani Foundation said, “It takes a lot of commitment and inclination for an individual to improve a life outside of their community. I am proud to say that a group of our employees have stepped-up and achieved that feat on their own accord. Taking forward the Adani Group’s culture of Growth with Goodness, our employees have displayed a commendable social obligation. We are hoping that these children will dream without boundaries and grow up to play their roles in nation building and pass this nurturing attitude to the next generation.”

The idea was implementedwithin one month and one can witness the children currently studying in their very own school. They have been assisted with nutritious meals, uniforms and school books under the Employee Volunteering Scheme of the Adani Group. Special smart e-learning classes have also been introduced for the children. The infrastructure of the school is getting upgraded in order to provide an ideal learning environment. In addition, school buses provided by Adani Ports & Special Economic Zone Ltd. will ferry the children between their homes and the school.

The Adani Foundation has been a strong force at driving change for the betterment of the society. Adani group has been inculcating the values of “growth with goodness” within its system and employees as well. The employees are encouraged to contribute to the less unfortunates of the society thereby motivating and contributing to their growth.

Adani Group is deeply involved in all round social and economic development of the areas in and around Mundra. Adani Foundation has initiated UTTHAN program in Government schools. The programs converges the four pillars of education seamlessly: Students, Teachers, Guardians and Infrastructure. The structured approach of UTTHAN will influence VallabhVidyalaya too in library enrichment, introduction of smart classes etc. Adani EVP is context driven and employees have taken part in teaching, improving Aanganwadis, giving impetus to national Swachhata Mission and blood donation. The journey continues.