70+International Expo Stalls at LPU’s ‘One World-2019’ Fest forwarded 400 +Innovations & Inventions across Nations

Jalandhar: The second day of annual international fest ‘One World-2019’ at Lovely Professional University (LPU) forwarded complete ‘Know-How’ about 400+ Innovations & Inventions across countries. As the theme celebrated this year was “Innovations & Inventions-the Ideas that made the Difference”; 3000+ international students from 50+ countries studying at LPU organized expo stalls for their respective country, in this context. Students mutually shared salient features of various innovations and inventions, which are favouring not only to their own countries but also the other people globe over. International students also exchanged ideas about their produces, cultures, values, foods, dresses, dances, songs, heritage and historical perspectives.

Expo-Stalls’ visiting students came to know about various amazing facts, figures, innovative and inventive projects of different countries other than their own. At China Stall, students imbibed that the great Inventions of China are papermaking, the compass, printing from woodblocks. Bhutan Stall informed that Bhutanese invented more in the field of mechanical and electrical, like electric bicycle, grains sorting machine, thread spinning machine and more. Lesotho Kingdom stall educated students about renewable energy, tourism and small-scale manufacturing. Nepalese students informed about their first scientist ‘Gehendra Sumsher’, who invented “bir gun”, and he also generated hydroelectricity for the first time in Nepal. Sri Lankan students were explaining about Ayurvedic Crusher, Infra-Red Camera of Path- Finder, Cedric Patrol Boat, Temperature Controllable Bakery Oven and more. Malawi students told about windmill generating electricity, mobile phone charger bicycle and more.

Similar information were also readily available about other countries including Somalia, Mali, Maldives, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Sudan, Rwanda, Tanzania, Mauritius, Tibet and more.

Participating international students admitted unanimously, “Here at LPU, we are very happy to represent our respective country. We are happy to see that students of other countries enjoy our culture with a great feeling of oneness. In fact, the event ‘One World’ makes us more practical with an elaborated insight into how world can be one leaving aside all intrigues & self-interests. We have also come to understand that the unity among human beings lies in their diversity. We are happy to see that LPU designs this fest in such a manner that students with distinctive cultural backgrounds live peacefully, work together to be globally fit citizens and make happiness exist all around the world.”