70Trader, the easy-to-use trading broker

The online broker trend has been on the rise for several years. Users are increasingly attracted by the possibilities of trading digitally, from the comfort of their own home. As a result, digital platforms that offer this type of service have been making efforts to make their platforms more sophisticated, to define their services, and to create a platform that identifies them in relation to others and ultimately captures the attention of users.

People looking to make money through an online broker either already have experience and know what it is all about, or have heard recommendations about what to do with that extra money they may have, or with the intention of investing some money in a transaction that can provide real opportunities to make a profit.

One of the first stepsv that people must take to start trading with an online broker is to register as a user and create an account. This seemingly simple step is sometimes not so simple. Most brokers have trading platforms designed for users with experience in the industry and knowledge of basic concepts and functions. But there are others that are oriented to attract new users, mainly with little technical and conceptual knowledge, and therefore offer trading platforms that are simple and clear to use.

This is the case with the broker 70Trades, which, upon entering its trading platform, the first thing a person encounters is an invitation to open a free account. As the person who intends to create an account will see, this is the initial step to “start trading”.

The particularities of 70Trades


70TRADES is a stock trading broker that seeks to contribute to changing certain logics of online forex and stock trading. As advertised in various parts of the platform, the main objective of this broker is to make the trading experience as easy as possible for first-time users and for those without extensive experience.

The broker’s name itself has an intrinsic meaning, and many users wonder what the number 70 means before registering: according to the platform, it is the average number of trades an investor needs to make to claim to know how to trade on the stock market. In other words, there is another message right there: the results and economic benefits will probably not appear from the first of the stock market operations that people carry out, but a considerable period of operations and training is required so that the user can get to know the platform, understand the market, and be trained in the basic concepts.

In this way, this broker understands that one of the essential characteristics, and one that defines the objectives of its services, is the fact that it has discovered the right recipe for online trading. While the number seems anecdotal, the message of waiting a prudent amount of time, continuing training and testing is very useful. However, the result of expert research indicates that anyone who wants to be successful and earn a high return on investment should make at least 70 trades.

Therefore, the specialists of this broker have found this number after studies and user surveys, and determined that 70 is the perfect number of trades for any beginner who wants to make profit and maintain stability.

There is no doubt that 70Trades targets expert and beginner user profiles, given that, along with the invitation to create an account, there is a message indicating that the user’s account will be protected by Privacy Trust, understanding that trust and security are highly observed and demanded features by people interested in creating an account on such a platform.


How to start trading on 70Trades


In line with these features quickly visible on the 70Trades platform, once a person has obtained an account, after a few simple steps, the user can choose between three types of plans: introductory, advanced, PRO. Each of these options have tools and options on the platform to maximise trading performance.

In addition, a very innovative feature of this broker, which complements the above specificities, has to do with the section to learn about the experience and opinion of other users. This option, which might not seem to be so relevant, is highly requested by users, since each case emphasizes different virtues and strengths of 70Trades, in a synthetic way.

For example, some users highlight the importance of having started trading without previous experience. Without going into a “rose-tinted” story, several of them point out that the first operations were not at all easy. However, and this is another beneficial feature for users, managers and technicians who are available on the platform, the economic benefits did not take long to appear, as well as the learning and the ability to carry out operations autonomously.

In line with this type of story, there are other users who, drawing on their experience, have the possibility of transforming it into advice for new users. Thus, there are stories that emphasise the need for the user to have knowledge and training, they provide the possibility of increasing people’s confidence to be able to carry out operational strategies in a planned manner, which, although it does not exactly guarantee achieving results, maximises the understanding of the results obtained. You can find more info about 70trades review here.

70 Trades FAQ


When do 70Trade specialists offer support to users?

The technical support provided by the platform operates five days a week, 24 hours a day.

What languages does the platform use?

The support provided by the specialists is available in three main languages: English, Spanish and Arabic.

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