75% of the new composition of the Youth Government – students, teachers and graduates of PetrSU

A competitive selection for the formation of the Youth Government of Karelia has taken place. The competition commission included representatives of regional ministries, who appointed young ministers on the basis of submitted projects and speeches.
The following positions were appointed:

Mikhail Ershov – Chairman of the Youth Government, graduate of PetrSU;
Denis Petrushin – Deputy Chairman of the Youth Government, graduate and teacher of PetrSU;
Elizaveta Khlebaeva – secretary, student of PetrSU;
Christina Tulkina – press secretary, student of PetrSU;
Tavat Bagaudin – Minister of Health, student of PetrSU;
Alexander Golubnik – Minister of Education, postgraduate student of PetrSU;
Anastasia Korgan – Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, student of PetrSU;
Nina Kisel – Minister of Social Protection, student of PetrSU;
Sergey Nosov – Minister of Construction, Housing and Communal Services and Energy, student of PetrSU.
Denis Petrushin, Deputy Chairman of the Youth Government, graduate and teacher of the Physics and Technology Institute of PetrSU, said:

Today, out of 12 people in the Youth Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 9 are students, postgraduates, alumni and teachers of PetrSU, which is 75% of the staff of the Youth Government.

The last convocation was strong enough, Mikhail Ershov and Elizaveta Khlebaeva and I were lucky enough to take part in it and get into the current one. We will try not to waste what was accumulated by our predecessors and, of course, increase the degree of the ministry’s involvement in the agenda facing our region. Let me remind you that according to the current rating of the Association of Youth Governments (MP) of Russia for 2019-2020, the Youth Government of the Republic of Karelia ranks 14th in Russia and the second line in the North-West Federal District after the MP of the Leningrad Region.

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