750AD collaborates with FIITJEE Prof. Siddhartha Misra to share some technicalities of overcoming career stress during lockdown

New Delhi: 750AD Healthcare Private Ltd. and FIITJEE Professor, Siddhartha Misra collaborated on 750AD’s Instagram Live to de-stress the JEE and NEET aspirants who have faced some very unusual and tough situations during these times when Covid19 has hit the world. Owing to the outbreak of the virus several examinations- Board examinations/ School and University Examination and JEE examination were postponed and with the latest update on the JEE entrance exam now planned to be held in July and August, the JEE aspirants are not stressed and are looking for solutions to overcome the same. As a solution to the student’s problems, FIIT-JEE has organized live online classes for its enrolled candidates. FIITJEE is working hard by delivering study packages at home. They are also providing recorded lectures and online study packages.

Anticipating this, 750AD took a step towards finding ways to bring forward solutions to overcome stress and hence the Live was organized on 750AD’s Instagram handle wherein Prof. Siddhartha Misra, (Faculty-Mathematics FIITJEE, Punjabi Bagh, Delhi) gave valuable tips and techniques to overcome the last minute stress especially during these uncertain times. He highlighted 3 key types of students- 1) Those that are always ready for the exams 2) Those that study at their own pace and are able to complete their course at the right time before exams 3) Those that are last minute learners and are always on the edge to complete their course. Mr. Misra pointed out that for all the types of students the key is consistency and hardwork. He also told that “It is best to break your day into a particular routine. For e.g. one can study 10th -12th syllabus from 9am-12pm and the Advanced syllabus for Math, Physics and Chemistry from 2-5 pm.” He also mentioned that for those studying last minute, one can still achieve success by completing one chapter each day from every subject (Physics, Chemistry, Math) for next 30 days. FIITJEE has also launched online live JEE MAINS and ADVANCED CRASH course which can help students achieve success in a limited time but this is possible only through dedication and timeliness. Prof. also discussed how students should indulge in yoga, meditation and mild exercise rather than video/online games to relax and refresh their mind.

Talking about the reason behind doing this collaborations, Shabnum Khan, Founder, 750AD Healthcare said, “It is a very stressful time for everyone across the country and it is our responsibility to work towards minimizing the pressure that everyone is facing and specially the students. Therefore, we collaborated with Prof. Siddhartha who helped resolve the various queries that the students asked on our platform. We as a healthcare brand are dedicated towards implementing measures to minimize both mental and physical stress of any kind.”