The 7th International Scienific-Practical Conference “Digital Economy” in Perm, Russia: Overview and Resolutions

New Delhi: On November 21st -22nd the Founder of Dentacoin Prof. Dimitar Dimitrakiev, PhD together with Co-Founder and Core Developer Jeremias Grenzebach attended the 7th International Scientific-Practical Conference “Digital Economy: New Competences, Organizations and Governance” held in Perm State National Research Polytechnic University, Russia.

The conference is a highly respected event, initiated by the Perm Government, the Institute of Economics, the Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Perm State National Research Polytechnic University, International Joseph A. Schumpeter Society and Russian Association of Business Education.

The event was also attended by leading professors at technical universities from all over Russia, Rostelecom – the leading telecommunication company in Russia, which is building a Smart City Project in the Astrakhan region, as well as many representatives from different business sectors.

Dentacoin Foundation, as a pioneering organization in industry-centric Blockchain technology solutions, was identified as a perfect example to represent how Blockchain advantages can be utilized for bringing efficiencies in an entire industry. Prof. Dimitrakiev introduced the Dentacoin concept, and Jeremias Grenzebach’s speech was on the topic of “Blockchain – from Genesis to DAO”. Both presentations were followed by active discussions and questions from the audience.

Undoubtedly, the topic of Blockchain is gaining enormous popularity around the world and therefore many leading companies are looking for great examples of how to apply Blockchain solutions to innovative projects. Such is the case of the Russian Telecommunication Giant Rostelecom, which has just finished the first stage of the innovative project “Smart City” concept and implemented a photo and video surveillance system to record driving violations and strengthen control over the movement of heavy and large vehicles in the Astrakhan region.

As a major resolution from the conference emerged the need for a following conference, under the patronage of Dentacoin Foundation and Prof. Dr. Dimitrakiev in the city of Varna, Bulgaria, where the professor works and lives. Dentacoin will host the conference, which will conclude in an intensive training of a number of academic professionals on the topic of Blockchain, as well as in a more detailed examination of the Dentacoin concept and its real-world application and impact on the dental industry. The introduction to Blockchain Studies in the Academic Calendar is a priority for many technical universities in the Russian Federation and it’s an honor for Dentacoin to support this initiative.