8 students from Jamia Hamdard Residential Coaching Academy clear UPSC (Main) Exam 2020

New Delhi: Union Public Service Commission has released UPSC Civil Services Result 2020 (Main) result and 8 candidates of Jamia Hamdard Residential Coaching Academy (RCA) have cleared the exam and have qualified for the interview. These 8 candidates were training and coached at the Residential Coaching Academy or RCA of Jamia Hamdard.

The Residential Coaching Academy (RCA), Jamia Hamdard will also conduct a series of mock interviews and interactive sessions for the qualified students “with the help of experts in respective fields, senior/retired bureaucrats, officials and academicians”.

Since its inception, RCA Jamia Hamdard has trained and coached more than a thousand candidates. Out of which more than 350 candidates have secured jobs in central and state services including UPSC Civil Services.

Jamia Hamdard has its own coaching academy named Residential Coaching Academy that is located inside the campus. It was established in September 2009 on the recommendation of the Sachar Committee Report to uplift and increase the proportion of candidates in Central and State services amongst Minorities, SCs, STs and women.

This academy provides free coaching to Civil Services exam aspirants. This facility is exclusively open for candidates belonging to minority, Scheduled Caste, and Scheduled Tribe category. Women candidates are also eligible to avail of this opportunity for the preparation of the coved recruitment exam.

As a part of the university’s commitment to nation-building, the students are provided free accommodation, library facility, classroom teaching, practice sets, study materials, 24×7 library facility and Wi-Fi.

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